The Wheels Are In Motion

By Stephen Ewashkiw | September 3, 2013

6447 km so far.

Plans for Asia are in motion, if slow motion. We took Berlin public transit today to the Chinese Consular building to enquire about visas, only to discover this was not where we needed to be to find out about Chinese visas. We then had to go to their visa department a few kilometres away. This is not the first time this has happened to us. Why can’t any government’s website have the correct, up-to-date information, easily accessed?

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round

One round-trip and a few hours after we left Jesse’s flat we were back, having learned that we can’t get a Chinese visa in Berlin, because we do not live in Germany. Back to square one.

Being in a city is actually exhausting. We find this every time we get off our bikes and into a proper city. Our rhythm is thrown off, and where we could easily cycle 80 or 90 km in a day, going out for two hours on the Metro seems just as exhausting.

So, Jane partook of a luxury we don’t often get to enjoy: the afternoon nap.

Almost napping, in desperate need of a haircut, Berlin.

Almost napping, in desperate need of a haircut, Berlin.

Round The Hood

While she rested, I went out with Jesse for a walk around his neighbourhood, Kreuzberg. We visited several bike shops, he pointed out a handful of coffee roasters he deemed “not worth visiting”, but which I will probably visit anyway. We went to the grocery store, and saw a few of his favourite hang-out spots, which, this being Jesse, means bars. Oddly, although it was the middle of the afternoon, they were not open.

canoe on a roof of car in berlin

Amazing canoe, so out of place on the streets of Berlin.

Evening Round-up

A fine evening of yoga, beer, dinner, cocktails, and listening to great vinyl was the perfect, relaxed end to our first proper day in Berlin.

A few of Jesse's favourite things.

A few of Jesse’s favourite things.

It feels pretty good to be in a city, relaxing, with good company, doing real-life things.  

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