Things I Am Going To Miss About LA, Part 1

By Stephen Ewashkiw | January 31, 2013

Our real estate agent just left with a stack of signed paperwork that essentially means we have sold our house. There is a bunch of too-ing and fro-ing to be done before it’s closed escrow but we now have a tentative date for that – less than seven weeks from today. Shit is getting real up in here…

So, this has me thinking about what I will miss most about Los Angeles. The picture above is my road warrior Surly LHT hanging out at one of my favourite LA spots – the Silver Lake Meadow. The SLM is a great spot to catch some rays, catch some zzzzs, watch birds, coyotes, hawks and hipsters, practice yoga, meditate, drinks, play games and generally have a good time. Practicing in the meadow today got me thinking about the many outdoor activities and places I will miss when I no longer live in Los Angeles. Here is a list of a few of them:


[list type=”arrow”]
[li]The Silver Lake Meadow[/li]
[li]Pop-up Guerrilla Yoga (at the Silver Lake Meadow)[/li]
[li]Little Dume beach, the best-kept beach secret in LA County[/li]
[li]Sitting on my deck looking out at Mt. Baldy and San Jacinto[/li]
[li]Sitting in my backyard cactus garden with the fire pit lit and a craft beer in hand[/li]
[li]The Getty Center, to watch the sunset[/li]
[li]The Arroyo Seco[/li]
[li]Echo Mountain trail, at the top of Lake Ave., Pasadena[/li]
[li]Watching Jane play Beach Ultimate on any of LA’s beaches[/li]
[li]The weather, which makes it all possible[/li]

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