Three Is A Magic Number

By Stephen Ewashkiw | June 26, 2013

3029 km so far.

Today was the end of our third month on the road, our third day since getting back on the bikes, and today we rode our 3,000th kilometre!!

Hills, Dirt, And Flats

When we left Kielce this morning we were happy to find a bike path that led us along the river and out of town without having to navigate the roads with morning commuters. The weather forecast for today turned out to be correct, which means the coldest weather we have seen in a while. It was around 13C (56F) today, rain drizzling so lightly it felt like England. Not the most pleasant riding conditions, but better than the weather we had in Łosie, when it was so hot that sitting still was unbearable.

Since we didn’t have internet last night, we couldn’t check the elevation profile of the route we’d picked. Unfortunately, upon leaving town we were met by several sets of hills, usually three at a time, each one of the set progressively bigger than the last. Magic!

We then had a little detour on a “bike path” that took us up stairs and through a lightly worn walking path in the weedy back lots of some eyesore apartment buildings. We’re always amazed that the map has these things on it, and even more amazed that it routes us there.

man carrying bike up stairs

Stairs do not belong on a bike path.

After lunch we finally entered the Radom Plain, a flat farm area in Poland which makes for much more enjoyable riding.

Some of the best fried pierogies we've had so far.

Some of the best fried pierogies we’ve had so far.

Flatter means faster and we cruised along watching storks fly, hawks soar, cattle graze, and miles fly past.

Lonely tree on the Radom Plain.

Lonely tree on the Radom Plain.

Twenty-two (yes, 22) kilometres after lunch we crossed the 3,000 km mark. In three months we have seen so much, and can’t wait to see what the next 3,000 km has in store for us.

Three thousand kilometres, baby!

Three thousand kilometres, baby!

Keep It Rockin’

We arrived in Radom anxious to find out what the US Supreme Court’s rulings on DOMA were, but our hostel, for the second night in a row, doesn’t have WiFi. We made dinner in the sparse kitchen (which, also for the second night in a row has no cutlery, no cups, no knives, and only two pots) and headed out to find WiFi so we could catch up on the news, and catch up on blog posts.

Well, you all know by now what happened in Washington (if you don’t, Google it). I am impressed that what appeared to be a Republican-stacked Supreme Court has made several rulings in the past year that show they truly are impartial adjudicators. I am happy for all my friends, and all the people I do not know, who have had the highest court in America point out that they are equal to everyone else.

And I am disappointed I am not in Los Angeles to celebrate.

Reflection in Radom.

Reflection in Radom.

As we left Pivovaria, the micro-brew bar we went to tonight (their beers are made in-house and they were good, but not worth writing home about in a country where good small-batch beers seem to be available in most shops) we started to idly guess which of our friends are busily planning marriage proposals.

As we talked, we walked past a bar blasting California Love. Not sure if they were aware of the relevance or if it was just a great big coincidence, but we loved it! California knows how to party and I am sure they are partying tonight.  

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