Waiting For The Shot

By Jane Mountain | November 28, 2013

8,008 km so far.

Today we moved from our hotel into a little apartment where we’ll be staying on and off for the next few weeks. It’s so nice to be out of our windowless hotel room and into a bright flat, with sunshine and a kitchen and other homey things – like Flora the dog!

My photo exercise today was all about waiting. I set up a shot and took a frame at regular intervals, letting the people moving in and out of the shot create the photo for me.

The experiment was hampered by two things: the cold and my cold.

It’s getting chilly out there, so hanging around in one spot for too long wasn’t really ideal. I also have a murderous cold, of the kind I haven’t had for years, and all I wanted to do was go to bed.

Still, I managed to learn a few things.

First, for this exercise, where you set up makes all the difference. I started by picking a convenient spot in the park, but not much happened, and I was in the shade, so it was extra cold.

Next, I moved to a picturesque walkway down the centre of the park. I soon learned that most people like to walk along the narrower paths to the side. Also, on seeing my camera, many people moved out of the shot, whether to stay out of my way or to avoid getting their picture taken, I don’t know.

shanghai park

Photo exercise: Waiting for the shot, second set-up, Shanghai.

Then I moved to a busier corner near a seating area. Still, it wasn’t ideal, and I soon moved on.

shanghai sidewalk with people

Photo exercise: Waiting for the shot, third set-up, Shanghai.

I was ready to give up, but on the way home, I decided to try one last set-up. I sat on a busy corner, where people didn’t really notice me. I hit the shutter every 60 seconds for about 15 minutes. The results are not fantastic, but at least they allow you get to see what wealthy Shanghainese wear on a typical day in November.

woman with bicycle in shanghai

Photo exercise: Waiting for the shot, final set-up, Shanghai.

woman in trenchcoat and heels in shanghai

Photo exercise: Waiting for the shot, final set-up, Shanghai.

people on the sidewalk in shanghai

Photo exercise: Waiting for the shot, final set-up, Shanghai.

Ideally, I will try this exercise again, preferably when I am healthy and it’s summertime.  

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  1. Comment by Megan

    Megan December 3, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    Love these pics, Jane. Really informative for the eyes back home to see what you’ve experienced on the other side of the globe. Miss you both. xo

    • Comment by Jane

      Jane December 5, 2013 at 5:34 am

      Cool. I thought they were kind of boring, so I’m glad you got something out of them!

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