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Reusable Drink Containers

11 Quick Actions (You Can Do Today) To Save The World

Psst. Whatcha doing right now? Wasting some time surfin’ the net, huh? Wanna spend a few minutes like a superhero, saving the world? You do? Awesome! Start by scanning the 11 simple actions below. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the ones you’ve already done. Now, think about the ones you haven’t […]

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A Lazy Guy Sleeping

The Lazy Guy’s Guide to Going Green

I know we green freaks have a reputation as non-stop powerhouses of energetic do-goodness. If we see a piece of trash we’ll sprint across a five-lane highway to pick it up and scold the litterbug while we’re at it. If we hear a tap dripping, we’ll immediately get out our toolboxes and set about making […]

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Wilderness Hiking

Nothing But Footprints

When I was a kid my Dad used to make us go on these crazy hikes. Crazy as in 10 miles of backcountry trails up the side of a mountain in Banff National Park. As the youngest of four kids, I was so little I had to be carried in a backpack. A typical hike […]

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Black Bean Burrito

Vegan Weekend: Black Bean & Quinoa Burrito

I lived in London for 10 years. London has a lot going for it, but at the time it was seriously lacking in Mexican food. There was one high-end Mexican restaurant that we couldn’t afford. At the grocery store all you could buy were those hard taco shells that should’ve been left back in the […]

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An angry mean guy

Some People Will Hate You

Let’s just be honest about this. If you try to do something good in your life, some people are gonna hate you. Who and why? I’m not talking about evil ignorant types who are in the KKK and think Hitler was a super-cool dude. I’m talking about people with a cute little house who take […]

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Bee On Flower

October 2011 Accountability Journal

State of Mind Right now I’ve got this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s telling me I’m dropping the ball, not working hard enough. That feeling has been battling with the little voice telling me my idea is stupid, this project is stupid, it can never be done. So far, my much […]

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Hanoi Scooters

Making Your Blog Stand Out

I just finished working through the questions outlined in this Million Dollar Blog Project post: The Key Question You Have to Answer to Make Your Blog Stand Out. I did it really quickly, seeking the answers from deep inside my subconscious. It was kind of fun to do, so I thought I might as well share […]

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September 2011 Accountability Journal

This is my first of what I hope are many posts journaling my progress from newbie to pro blogger. Launch day isn’t until November 11, 2011. If you’re reading this before that, you’re obviously a hip trendsetting type. You’re welcome to stick around and get your yayas voyeuring on my journey! State of Mind In […]

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