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Day Trip to Riga, Latvia

What springs to mind when you think of Riga, Latvia? Unless you’ve been there, you’re probably right now imagining… nothing. That’s all we knew about Riga before we cycled into town in the summer of 2013. Riga is a vibrant small European capital, with a large proportion of the population under 30, leading to a […]

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11 Travel Mistakes We Made and How to Avoid Them

Is there any such thing as a “mistake” when you’re travelling? Or is every bump in the road just another lesson to learn, another opportunity for adventure? If there are mistakes, we have made most of them. These are the top 11 mistakes we made on our 2-year cycle trip – with tips on how […]

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Everything I Know About Travel I Learned From A Room With A View

Have you ever felt out of control of your own travels, pulled from town to town and sight to sight by some unseen force, meeting only other tourists, seeing only what you’re “supposed” to see? You’re not the only one; I’ve been there and it is brutal. It would seem easy to blame our modern […]

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Hungary vs Poland: Which is the Best Destination for Your Adventure?

Here it comes. The Hungary vs Poland International Smackdown. I don’t know about Europeans, but I would hazard a guess that most North Americans think of Poland or Hungary (if they think of them at all) as nothing more distinct than biggish countries somewhere east of Germany. Stephen and I had very little idea of […]

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Slovenia vs Slovakia: Which is the Best Destination for Your Adventure?

Are you wondering which is the better travel destination, Slovenia vs Slovakia? We’ve explored both thoroughly as tourists. Read on to see which we liked better, and why! Also don’t miss these posts about Slovenia and Slovakia: Check out our favourites places in Slovenia → Grab our complete guide to Cycling Slovakia → Read a […]

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Croatia or Italy: Which is the Best Destination for Your Adventure?

Are you wondering whether to visit Croatia or Italy? We’ve spent plenty of time in both… read on as we help you make your decision between Italy or Croatia! It’s probably a terrible idea to compare countries. Our Italian friends will protest, our Croatian friends will groan. Even so, we decided it would be fun […]

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