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things to do in kampot

Climbing Cambodia – The Kampot Tour that Challenges Your Body & Mind

If you want to try rock climbing in Cambodia, a discovery tour with Climbodia in Kampot should be your first stop. It will challenge you both mentally and physically – and make you into a rock climbing convert! What’s in our guide to rock climbing Cambodia? 1. What to Expect from this Rock Climbing Tour […]

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mekong delta tour

Mekong River Tour from Ho Chi Minh City [Review]

Want to explore the Mekong Delta? This Mekong River tour is the perfect way to escape the crazy streets of Saigon and immerse yourself in the lush nature of the Mekong Delta. Keep reading for all the details you need! What’s in our review of this Mekong Delta day tour? 1. Watch our Mekong River […]

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mount rinjani trek

7 Essential Tips for Surviving a Mount Rinjani Trek

If you think you’re tough enough to handle a Mount Rinjani trek, read on to discover the 7 essential tips you need to know to make the most of your time on Mount Rinjani. Here’s what to do after you trek Rinjani: Head to this romantic retreat on Lombok to recover → Get help deciding […]

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travel experiences

20 Unique Travel Experiences (That You Can Do Too!)

As of this month, we’ve been travelling together for 20 years! To celebrate, we’re sharing 20 unique travel experiences we’ve had — and they are (almost) all ones you can try yourself. What will you find in our guide to unique travel experiences? 1. Unique Travel Experiences in Asia → 2. Unique Travel Experiences in […]

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gap of dunloe ireland

11 Photos to Make You Add Gap of Dunloe to Your Ireland Itinerary

The Gap of Dunloe Ireland might not be as famous as nearby attractions, like the Ring of Kerry or the Cliffs of Moher. After all, it’s just an 11km stretch of winding road through the countryside, right? Well, yes and no. It is a “just” a stretch of road but it also happens to be […]

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adventure yoga live your adventure

Adventure Yoga: Can Yoga Really Help You Live Your Best Life?

I’ll admit, I get some pretty strange looks when I tell people I teach Adventure Yoga. To most people, at first glance, yoga seems to be the opposite of adventure. Yoga is where you go to escape the exciting/stressful twists and turns of your life, right? Sure, it can start out that way — but […]

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Dealing with Uncertainty: Planning Our Adventures in 2016

Traditionally, I have not been great at goal setting, which is probably why I drifted through most of my twenties and thirties, going where the wind took me. While that approach resulted in some interesting diversions, it’s probably not the best way to make your dreams into reality. For the past few weeks, Stephen and […]

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