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Travel to Turin, Italy

Things to do in Turin Italy in One Day: Pizza, Gelato & Must-See Sights

Here’s your guide to things to do in Turin Italy in one day, including the best pizza and gelato as recommended by our local friends! It includes a self-guided walking tour map, too. Face it, you don’t want to miss: Our picks of the most romantic cities in Europe → 13 lessons from European culture […]

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Some JERK Stole My Bike

As you, our loyal readers know, between in 2013 and 2014 Jane and I rode our Surly Long Haul Trucker bicycles 16,000 km through 22 countries. It was an incredible opportunity to meet people where they live and work and to get to know the world better. We never had any trouble with crime on […]

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The Truth About Cycle Touring – Is It Right For You?

Will My Butt Hurt? Is Cycle Touring Even Fun? Is Cycle Touring Dangerous? Do I Have to Ride in Rain, Sleet, and Snow? We answer all your burning questions in our guest post, The Truth About Cycle Touring – Is It Right For You?, on the wonderful travel site, The Planet D.

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Gibsons BC, Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Bike Tour

In two days, I’m leaving for a week-long solo bike tour. Surprise! The route starts out my front door and takes me in a loop from Nanaimo to Vancouver, then up the Sunshine Coast and back down to Nanaimo on the east side of Vancouver Island. Here’s the rough map for my Sunshine Coast Bike […]

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Back, Back, And Forth

One year ago today, Stephen gave me the best birthday present ever, rescuing me from the absolute lowest point of our trip, by securing us a place on a tourist cruise ship down the Yangtze. Two years ago, I was obsessively getting ready for our bike trip, and worrying about the environmental impact of all […]

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If this was a cycle tour, today’s weather would call for snuggling up in bed, watching the storm pass through the hotel window. But I have a car, so it’s sad country songs on the radio and the open road in front of me.  

Nomadasaurus: Best Adventure Travel Gear For Women

I did a little guest blog for the very cool Nomadasaurus team, who we met in a random tiny town in Thailand. This one’s for the ladies.  ♥ [hr] Did you like this post? Please share it!

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The Next Episode

15,775 km total. Even though we have spent almost one month in and around Ubud, barely cycling 70 km over four weeks, I have been putting off allowing myself to mentally declare our bike trip over. Now that I am on a plane, flying to Hong Kong without my bicycle, and without Jane, I guess […]

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A Note Of Finality

15,775 km total. Even though this won’t be the last blog we post on My Five Acres, I still feel the need to wrap up our trip with one final, mind-blowing post, encapsulating the lessons we learned on our trip, the effects it has had on our souls, and the meaning of life, the universe, […]

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The Bike Touring Survival Guide 2nd Edition

The book that helped us go from dreaming to actually doing a bike trip is now in its 2nd Edition. If you have ever thought about taking a bike tour, The Bike Touring Survival Guide, by Friedel and Andrew of Travelling Two is the place to start. They even have a quote from us inside, […]

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