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你好 (Ni Hao)

Hello from Beijing. We arrived this morning and we are very happy to report that all our bags and our bicycles also arrived. Unlike when we landed in Rome both our bikes showed up at the oversized luggage collection area! We were able to easily unwrap them, put our pedals back on, turn the handlebars […]

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Cabin Fever

We arrived in Berlin more than one month ago, and soon, very soon, we will leave for China. This is the longest we have been stationary since March. The weather in Berlin is getting colder, the days are growing darker. Our To Do list is slowly getting shorter, which means we have been staying in […]

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Long time no see, or hǎo jiǔ bu jiàn in Chinese, seems like an appropriate calque to use today. You see, I have never seen China. However, in a little more than one week, Jane and I will arrive in Beijing. Yes, it is true. We are officially going to China!!! Our passports are back, […]

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