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We’ve Almost Made It To The End

6138 km so far. Our campsite last night felt almost like stealth camping. We were hidden behind a little clump of bushes that separated us from the other campers, so we felt like we had a private space. Unfortunately, the sea in this corner of Denmark gives off an unpleasant sulphuric stink, which was actually […]

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The Long And Winding Route

6057 km so far. A dedicated bike path wouldn’t live up to expectations if it took the most direct route. They have been designed with tourists in mind. As such, they twist, turn, and wind their way through the countryside. Today we passed historic locations, ancient churches, rode small roads, dirt roads, cobbled roads, and […]

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Bad Highs And Goodbyes

5957 km so far. Saying goodbye is hard to do, especially when it’s saying goodbye to friends who you have not seen for years and are not sure when you’ll see again. Especially when they’ve made you feel warm, welcomed, and part of the family. Especially when they’ve plied you with good food and good […]

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Edges and Centres

5922 km so far. Despite having decided to get up early and get on the train so we had time to look around Copenhagen before the yoga festival, we had a slow morning at Sara and Markus’ place. It’s just so hard to get yourself out of a comfy bed and resist all the coffee, […]

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