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Relaxed, Rested, and Ready To Sail

4612 km so far. We had a nice slow morning again today, drinking coffee and catching up on work in our little room. We are so thankful to Tiit for allowing us the time to regroup. Staying with other cyclists is great, because it means that they understand that while you are thrilled to be […]

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Looking Back, Setting Forth

4612 km so far. Four months ago today we arrived in Rome to begin our adventure. Our first goal was to cycle from Rome to Russia, using the fewest forms of non-bike transportation as possible. Apart from a ferry to an island in Italy, a ferry from Ancona to Split, and a couple of small […]

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Everything Counts

4612 km so far. It was a short ride into Tallinn today, but not really a fun one. In case you’ve been reading the last few days, we’ll try not to bore you. It was more of the same. More wind, more traffic, more trucks. Bleh. We then did a trippy Pocket Earth-guided route which […]

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Life Is A Highway

4556 km so far. Or at least our ride today is a highway. We are riding from Pärnu to Tallinn over the next two days, and we have not enough time to take the scenic route following Eesti’s coastline. So, this means we are riding along the A4 highway for the next two days. Highway […]

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On A Bender

4472 km so far. First things first. Happy birthday big sister! I hope you and your family are well and happy. We are thinking of you today and wish we could be there to give you birthday hugs and make you cake. This morning we awoke well rested in our little cabin, quite happy to […]

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Rough Road To Eesti

4422 km so far. The wind doth blow again today, but at least the day began without any rain. We are at the coast of the Baltic, which seems to mean wind. We need to ride alongside it for at least another two days, regardless of the weather, so we packed camp and headed out. […]

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