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In And Out Of Practice

4660 km so far. This morning was Stephen’s outdoor class in the park in Helsinki. We’ve been very excited about this one, partly because we’re staying with fellow yoga nerds while we’re here, and partly because every time Stephen checks Facebook, another 20 people have signed up for the class. Rusty Bones Everything in Helsinki […]

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Wild Camp

2618 km so far. I was dreaming about our friend James shooting a music video in the warehouse Stephen and I lived in (?!) when Stephen shook me awake. I fumbled with my earplugs so I could hear what he was saying. My heart was pounding. Someone must be out there, or he wouldn’t be […]

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Bystrica, You Bastard

2537 km so far. We left the beautiful, mountainside town of Banská Stiavnica this morning, and I was a bit sad to leave it so quickly. It has a quirky vibe and seems to have good people living there, helping make it more than just a UNESCO World Heritage site, but also a living, breathing, […]

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The Signs Of War

1050 km so far. We rose in our shepherd’s field camping spot this morning bright and early, not wanting to be trod upon by unsuspecting sheep as they returned to graze. We stopped a few kilometres down the road for pancakes at the American Squirrel Restaurant (or something like that). They also had goat, but […]

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Sea To Sky

Whew, what a day. It feels like we fit a week’s worth of sites and interesting encounters into today. And we also managed to ride 74 km, much of which was uphill. To keep this post short(ish), I’m going to tell the story mostly in pictures. Design Matters We left the incredibly cool Hostel Forum […]

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Tough Bread on a Tasty Sandwich

Today was bookended by a tough start and a tough end, with lots of glorious cycling in the middle. Stephen had worked on our bikes yesterday to get them fighting fit for a long haul up the Croatian coast. We went out for a test ride, and everything seemed in working order. Dubrovnik Doesn’t Want […]

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