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Spitting Distance

3865 km so far. Today we rode the spit. The Curonian Spit has a paved bike trail that runs from Nida on the Lithuanian southern end, to the north end where a short ferry takes you to Klaipėda. The trail is often used by day-trippers from cruise ships or weekenders from Vilnius to get out […]

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Tis The High Season

All along our route, we’ve been told that things will be open when high season starts. Ferries will run. Hotels will be busy. Information centres will impart information. Accommodations will be busy. When high season begins. Since early April we’ve been waiting for this magical time when tourists are a dime-a-dozen and there is staff […]

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Waiting For Our Ship

3795 km so far. After breakfast surrounded by water lilies and lotus flowers, the waitress at the Hotel Kintai got me a coffee, which she wouldn’t let me pay for, and filled up our 4-gallon bladder with fresh water. Something In The Water Speaking of water, the last three places we’ve visited, with 100 km […]

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The Joys Of Hotel Camping

3783 km so far. Our perfect little campsite was hard to leave this morning. Who wants to get on a bike when you could spend the whole day lying around in a stripy hammock? But get on the bikes we did, after dithering around making coffee, drying out the tent, and trying to wake me […]

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Look For The Good

3680 km so far. Well, that was an unexpected, unpleasant experience. Mostly. We are heading towards the Baltic coast, because as beautiful as we hear Vilnius is, it is just a little too far out of the way. So, today we skirted the Russian (Kaliningrad) border and headed towards the town of Jurbarkas before turning […]

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Into Lithuania

3581 km so far. Another day, another country. Ho hum. Actually, it’s very exciting every time we get ready to cross the border, even if it’s just another unmanned EU crossing. We never know quite what to expect on the other side, and if we have expectations, they are invariably wrong. I am expecting Lithuania […]

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