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One Step Forward

I set goals. Sometimes they are small, sometimes they are goals I don’t expect to achieve for decades. Goal-setting helps me focus, find clarity, see the path, and walk the path. I am a strong supporter of telling people your goals. Facebook it, make a Tumblr page dedicated to your goal, tell your friends, tell […]

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The Day Of A Thousand Pictures

Our bed at the wonderful Soul Kitchen Junior hostel looks out over the Moyki canal, giving us a lovely view during the daytime, and an infernal racket at night, when party boats cruise up and down and drunken revellers make their private ecstasies public by yelling “wooo!” at every opportunity. At least we weren’t overlooking […]

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Size: Is It Everything?

Woke up this morning after a rough sleep. I was in a cabin with three other guys, and one of them was a loud snorer. I, of course, forgot my earplugs in Helsinki. I will definitely get some for the return voyage. Jane and I met up out in the hall and she hadn’t slept […]

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