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Slovenia vs Slovakia: A Guide to Choosing the Best Country for Travel

Are you wondering which is the better travel destination, Slovenia vs Slovakia? We’ve explored both thoroughly as tourists. Read on to see which we liked better, and why! Also don’t miss these posts about Slovenia and Slovakia: Check out our favourites places in Slovenia → Grab our complete guide to Cycling Slovakia → Read a […]

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Tantra In The Tatras

2650 km so far. As we headed out of Liptovsky Mikulaš today we seemed to enter a magical landscape where everything was beautiful. The fields were vibrant green and the mountains covered in mist. I have read, and heard, from many people that the Tatra mountains are not to be missed, and this is why […]

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Wild Camp

2618 km so far. I was dreaming about our friend James shooting a music video in the warehouse Stephen and I lived in (?!) when Stephen shook me awake. I fumbled with my earplugs so I could hear what he was saying. My heart was pounding. Someone must be out there, or he wouldn’t be […]

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Bystrica, You Bastard

2537 km so far. We left the beautiful, mountainside town of Banská Stiavnica this morning, and I was a bit sad to leave it so quickly. It has a quirky vibe and seems to have good people living there, helping make it more than just a UNESCO World Heritage site, but also a living, breathing, […]

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Bad Mood And Too Much Food

2467 km so far. This morning one of us was in a bad mood. I’m not saying which one of us. It makes very little difference, since it happens to both of us now and again. Just a sour mood out of nowhere, no explanation, except for maybe lack of morning coffee. One of us […]

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So Long Hungary, Hello Slovakia

2424 km so far. We got up bright and early today hoping to catch the 8:35 ferry across the Danube. When we pulled up to the ‘dock’ (which is actually just the road running into the river) and bought tickets, we noticed the ferry was already pulling out, although it wasn’t quite 8:30 yet. The […]

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