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Mmm. Meat.

7,150 km so far. After three weeks of riding through industrial zones, smog, rain, and dirt, it is laundry day! Almost every piece of clothing we have is now with the hostel’s laundry service, which is one of the luxuries we allow ourselves. It is quite nice to know that by the time we are […]

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Only Losers Take The Bus

As Stephen mentioned yesterday, we decided to take public transport yet again, this time to get to Xi’an. We knew we’d have to resort to bus or train at least once more to make our November 9 deadline in Shanghai, and we are hoping that the industrial smog-choked lands we avoided by taking the bus […]

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Half A Year and Half A World Away

It is six months since spring was springing and we arrived in Rome to begin our journey. We have travelled almost 7,000 km through 15 countries to end up here, in Berlin, as winter creeps into the city. We hope to find out in the next 24 hours if we have passed the next hurdle, […]

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It’s Not All Drug Dealers And Graffiti You Know

Since we’ve been in Berlin, our mornings have been almost indistinguishable. We wake up late and then sit in bed reading, working, and drinking various caffeinated beverages. When we first got here, these mornings would stretch until 10 o’clock or so. As the days have worn on, and the sun has made fewer and fewer […]

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