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Reusable Sanitary Pads

3 Reusable Products (Almost) Everyone Should Get Today

Do you like trees? Would you like to see a few old growth forests survive the decade? And how do you feel about landfill? Smelly, depressing mountains of the discarded spoils of capitalism, right? There are three things you can order today that will save trees, reduce that pile of smelly old landfill, and make […]

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Tiny House

Our Little House Is Way Too Big

Two years ago, we were shopping for a house. We had a short list of absolute must-haves that included three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a big outdoor space. We looked at about a million houses before we found The One. High up off the road, big beautiful yard, huge deck with a view, three bedrooms, […]

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Apple Blossoms

An Open Letter To Apple CEO Tim Cook on May Day

Dear Tim, As I sit here writing this on my MacBook Pro, I’m reflecting on the ways Apple has changed my life. During the last decade, barely a day has gone by when I didn’t create or communicate using an Apple product. There’s no doubt that Steve Jobs changed the world. But did he change […]

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Why Environmentalism Is Not A Religion

I have a confession. It really bugs me when people say environmentalism is “just a religion”. I mean, it really really bugs me. The veins pop out on my neck and my teeth clench so tight my jaw hurts and I have to try really hard not to scream. So I guess it’s about time […]

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Leaves On Patio

How A $40 Gadget Costs A Whole Lot More

Right now I’m working on a post about environmentalism as religion (and why it isn’t). It’s turning into a monster two-parter that I’m just not happy with yet. And next week is the first installment of Should I Eat This? A Guide To Food In The 21st Century. So this week I thought it best […]

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Lululemon The Mat Yoga Mat

Is Your Yoga Mat Killing You? An Honest Look at Toxins in Yoga Mats

Yoga mats have come a long way since we first wrote this post. Find out about the latest best mats on the market in our guides to the Best Travel Yoga Mats and the Best Eco Yoga Mats → Don’t miss our other yoga travel posts: Discover our picks of the best travel yoga mats […]

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