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Be Bold

The other day, I was agonizing over a huge decision. It came out of the blue – I didn’t expect to have to think about this issue at all right now – but here it is, on my doorstep, waiting to be decided. I had had a meeting with a recruiter, who had contacted me […]

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Need Something? Just Ask

Stephen’s latest Huffington Post blog is live. It’s all about getting what you want and need while travelling (but could totally apply to everyday life as well). Please read it and share it!!

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HuffPo: How To Get Along With Your Travel Partner

My new blog post for The Huffington Post is about How To Get Along With Your Travel Partner. A daily challenge for both of us, I assure you!

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Boats on Lago Trasimeno

Croatia or Italy? A Traveller’s Guide to Choosing the Best Destination

Are you wondering whether to visit Croatia or Italy? We’ve spent plenty of time in both… read on as we help you make your decision between Italy or Croatia! It’s probably a terrible idea to compare countries. Our Italian friends will protest, our Croatian friends will groan. Even so, we decided it would be fun […]

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Mean Dog

I’m So Not Afraid of That

The world is divided into two types of people. First, there are the type of people who, when you tell them you’re going on an open-ended bike trip around the world, say: That’s amazing! I wish I could do that! Today’s post is not about those people. It’s about the second type. This type, when […]

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When Is a River Not a River?

Maybe people in cities with real rivers feel sorry for us Angelenos. But I think this glorified culvert is a perfectly pleasant place to spend the day.  ♥

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Travel Books

Can You See The World Without Destroying It?

Next year, a chapter in my life is drawing to a close. Partly out of necessity and partly by choice, I’ll be leaving the City of Angels. I’d be super bitter about this (I love LA) except… I’m going to spend next year travelling. I love travelling. The constant change, the unpredictability, the battle to […]

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