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Vignette: Stout Grove

Drunk again on fresh air and giant trees. Involuntarily, I imbue them with animate qualities. So inhuman in age and size, yet to me, they are kindly, tolerant, and wise. If only I could see me through their eyes.  ♥ [hr] Did you like this post? Please share it! Jane MountainHi, I’m Jane, founder and chief […]

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Vignette: Morning At Cape Lookout

19.10.14 Judging from last night’s movie-screen sunset, you’d be forgiven for thinking the rain was over for a while. You’d be forgiven for forgetting that this is Oregon in autumn. This morning, it’s raining almost comically hard. Like if I step out of the tent I’ll see camera crews with a giant firehose, adding Oregon […]

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Vignette: The Hall Of Mosses

16.10.14 I am circled by giants who moan and creak above me. Thick sleeves of pale green moss dangle from their arms and faces, adding to their ghostly air. The rain splat splats on the forest floor. My shoes squelch with each step on the spongy trail. The dazzlingly clear air makes me dizzy, euphoric. […]

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Vignette: The Blackball Ferry

When you travel, there are certain moments and feelings that you want to remember forever. Travelling alone, as I head down the coast towards LA, I have been been attempting to capture some of them in writing, in brief vignettes, if you will. This is my first one. On the ferry, I am at peace. […]

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