Change Your Life

Find the courage & learn the skills to make radical changes!

Scroll down for our best posts on changing your life, from tackling mindset issues, to finding the courage to make and face change.

If you truly want to change your life, you can change your life. The power to change is completely in your hands — nobody else can do it for you.

You might want more happiness, more adventure, less stress, or more money.

Whatever it is you want, you won’t get it without change.

How do you handle change? Are you one of those people who thrives on it or do even the tiniest of changes stress you out? Many people we meet are terrified of change. Some so much so, that they would rather be unhappy than make any changes to their lives.

When you travel all the time like we do, you get a LOT of practice handling change. Stephen and I are pros at it by now!

Sure, when you change your life it can be confusing and disconcerting at first. But change is the only way to open the doors to wonderful new experiences.

So if you’re ready for a change, if you’re ready to open yourself up to amazing new experiences, get started with the posts below!

Vision & Goals

The 5-Step Guide to Getting You Unstuck…

adventure life

This is the ONE Thing You Need to Live Your Dreams

the one thing you need to live your dreams

How to Transform Your Vision into Reality. You CAN Do It!

transform your vision

How to Cast Yourself as the Hero of Your Own Life Story

hero of your life

5 Fabulous Tools to Help Create a Vision for Your Life

create a vision

The Danger of Sharing Your Dreams

Sharing your dreams with friends and family can be one of the scariest things you ever do. Here's how to handle their most common (and annoying) reactions.

How To Set Goals That Stretch

What If You Don’t Know What You Want?

The 3 Steps To Turn “I Want” Into “I Will”

mindful journeys cycle touring

Change Your Mind

5 Powerful Ways Yoga Helps You Combat Fear

yoga can help you combat fear

7 Smart Quotes About Fear That Will Make You Braver

quotes about fear to make you braver

11 No-Fail Ways to Avoid Risk, Discomfort, and Uncertainty

avoid risk like it's a scary banana

How to Use Fear to Steer in the Right Direction

How to Use Small Wins to Be More Confident

be more confident with small wins

How to Be Happier with a Simple Flip of the Happiness Switch

be happier with a simple trick

How to Say No to the Most Demanding Person in Your Life – You

the art of saying no

The Secret To Making The Right Decision Every Time

Gelato Sign

Meditation & Yoga

Adventure Yoga: Can Yoga Really Help You Live Your Best Life?

adventure yoga live your adventure

Let’s Meditate! Join our 7-Day Meditation Kick-Start

start meditating 7-day meditation kick start

How to Get Over Your Hangups and Start Meditating

how to start meditating

Can Meditation Make You Better? Science Says Yes.

science of meditation

How to Meditate: 17 Mindful Adventurers Share Their Tips

We interviewed musicians, comedians, entrepreneurs, writers, designers and of course, a few yoga teachers, to understand more about how meditation works and how people benefit from meditating.

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