Day 1: Take a Seat

7-Day Meditation Kick Start

7 day meditation kick start

Welcome to the My Five Acres 7-Day Meditation Kick Start! You deserve major props for making the time to be here!

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Here’s today’s action list:

  1. Watch the short video below. In it, I talk to you about how to sit comfortably. (Yup, we’re going right back to basics).
  2. At the end of the video, take the comfortable seat you have just created for yourself. Set a timer and sit for just a couple of minutes. I ALWAYS set a timer for meditation. This prevents my mind from wondering how long I have been meditating – there are already enough distractions without adding another one.

Here’s a recap of what we learned today:

  • Sit however you want, or even lie down.
  • Be comfortable so you can relax.
  • Have your hips as high as your knees if you’re sitting on the floor.
  • Use a prop to lift your hips. You can use blankets, blocks, or books.
  • Sit up straight and tall. If possible, don’t round your lower back.
  • Do move your shoulders back and relax your shoulders down your back.
  • Think of someone pulling on a string at the top of your head.

  Happy adventures, Stephen & Jane

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