Day 7: Amazing

7-Day Meditation Kick Start

7 day meditation kick start

You are amazing! You have made it all the way to day 7. GREAT work.

If you found this page by chance, sign up for our free 7-Day Meditation Kick Start to learn how to meditate.

Here’s what we’ll do today:

  1. Watch the short intro video below.
  2. Watch the 10-minute guided meditation video, also below.
  3. Pat yourself on the back and do a happy dance.

Day Seven Intro Video

Day Seven Guided Meditation

Keep on going!

Now that you’ve started meditating, we challenge you to keep on going. One of these apps might be just what you need to help you along.
* Calm
* Stop, Breathe & Think
* Headspace

Plus, you can ALWAYS use our Facebook group Adventure Begins At OM for encouragement or to ask questions.

  Happy adventures, Stephen & Jane

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