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Inspiration, tips, and specific advice for your next mindful journey!

Where Are You Going?

We’ve been to 50 countries around the world and we’re just getting started! Whether you’re heading to a specific place or just trying to find inspiration for your next mindful journey, these destination guides will help you on your way.

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In-Depth Mindful Travel Guides

mindful journeys bali
mindful journeys cambodia
mindful journeys india
mindful journeys sri lanka
mindful journeys vietnam

City Guides

mindful journeys hong kong
mindful journeys shanghai


City Guides

mindful journeys berlin
mindful journeys london
mindful journeys riga
mindful journeys sarajevo
mindful journeys turin

Vegan Guides

vegan food in berlin
hamburg vegan restaurants
vegetarian restaurants lisbon
vegan shoreditch
prague vegan

Mindful Adventures

gap of dunloe ireland
Transylvania Cycling tour

Other Destinations

mindful journeys morocco
mindful journeys bc

Cycle Touring Destinations

mindful journeys cycle touring
morocco retreat
travel slowly cambodia

Our 2-year bicycle tour took us through 22 countries and we pedalled more than 16,000 km! We loved it and think that cycle touring is the ultimate form of mindful travel. If you want to know anything at all about biking around the world, don’t miss our cycle touring guides.

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