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Travel Planning Resources

101 Travel Tips
100-travel-tipsYour complete guide to getting on the road and staying there longer!
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International Travel Checklist
100-travel-tipsYour complete guide to getting on the road and staying there longer!
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Travel Planner’s Cheat Sheet
travel planning cheat sheetEverything you need to plan your next big adventure on one printable cheat sheet.
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Europe City Guides

Amsterdam Trip Planner
amsterdam trip planYour guide to planning your perfect itinerary in Amsterdam.
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Amsterdam Vegan & Yoga
amsterdam vegan yogaYour guide to the best vegan food & yoga in Amsterdam.
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Shoreditch, London Vegan
london vegan mapA vegan guide to the best restaurants and vegan food in East London.
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Berlin Vegan
berlin vegan restaurants freebieA vegan and vegetarian guide to Berlin, one of the best cities for vegans in the world.
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Lisbon Vegan
Lisbon’s awesome vegan and veggie scene, all in one easy-to-read printable map!
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Prague Vegan
prague vegan mapA vegan guide to the best restaurants and vegan food in Prague.
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Vegan Guides — Asia

Hanoi, Vietnam
hanoi vegetarian mapA vegetarian guide to Hanoi’s old quarter, including vegan restaurants, veg-friendly restaurants and street food.
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Hoi An, Vietnam
travel resourcesA vegan and vegetarian guide to Hoi An, with so many awesome restaurants!
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Hue, Vietnam
hue-vegan-restaurants-freebie-imageA vegan and vegetarian guide to Hue, my favourite city for vegan eating in Vietnam.
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Bangkok, Thailand
bangkok vegan mapA vegan guide to Bangkok including our favourite restaurants and tips for finding your own favs.
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Vegan & Yoga Travel Guides — Bali

Ubud, Bali
ubud vegan yoga mapUbud is a hotbed of healthy food and amazing yoga. Don’t go without this mega-guide to all our Ubud favourites!
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Ululwatu, Bali
uluwatu vegan mapUluwatu is one of our favourite places in Bali. Prepare yourself for incredible beaches and some very tasty food!
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Sanur, Bali
ubud vegan yoga mapWe had to work a little harder to find decent vegan food and yoga in Sanur, but we managed. Here’s your guide!
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Canggu, Bali
canggu vegan yoga mapFrom gado gado to avocados – here’s your guide to the best Canggu cafes for vegans and vegetarians.
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Goal-Setting & Life-Changing Strategies

your adventure starts here guideThe 5 crucial steps to getting unstuck and living your dream life today.
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travel career worksheet
A worksheet to use past trips and upcoming adventures to find your profitable passion.
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Business of Yoga Resources

click to watch effective yoga page video
This video will help you create a highly effective yoga page on Facebook. Don’t forget to grab the worksheet and tutorial which are also on this page!
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effective yoga page workbook
A workbook to help you with creating a highly effective yoga page on Facebook.
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effective yoga page tutorial
A tutorial to help you with all the techie bits of creating & improving your yoga Facebook page.
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Quick Fixes for your Yoga Page on Facebook
If you already have a Facebook Yoga Page, these quick fixes will help you make it more effective, welcoming, and easier to manage!
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