Earth Day: Not Just for Bratty Teens Anymore

By Jane | April 20, 2012

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Remember when you were like, 15, and you were a total nightmare of a teenager? Always arguing, stomping out of rooms, slamming doors, and telling your Mom you hated her? And then, along comes Mother’s Day and it’s all flowers, cards, candy, and smiling through a lovely buffet brunch. You may have even put aside your teen tantrums long enough to tell her you loved her.

The very next day it was back to being the ungrateful teen, demanding to know when your laundry would be clean and why you couldn’t spend the night at your boyfriend’s place.

It’s just like Earth Day.

A single day out of the year when we (might) think a little more about what the earth means to us. We might think about how we would not be here without her, that we are dependent upon her in absolutely every way. We might even thank her and tell her we love her.

We might show our gratitude by going for a hike, making a donation, or turning down the air con.

The very next day we’ll revert to our demanding teenaged selves, expecting Earth to give give give while all we do is take take take.

The problem is, Earth is not nearly as forgiving or loving as most of our Moms were. For Earth, that one day of gratitude does nothing to erase the 364 we spend abusing her.

So here’s a thought.

You know those little coupon books we used to make as gifts for Mom? The ones full of hand-drawn coupons good for One Kid-Free Day, One Babysitting Bratty Younger Sibling, One Washing The Dishes (Without Complaint)?

How about this year, we make a (virtual) coupon book for Earth that will last us through the year.

You could include a few ideas like:

  • One Phone Call To My MP To Demand Clean Energy
  • Bike To Work One Day Per Week (or Telecommute)
  • Eat One Animal-Free Meal Per Day
  • Take One Less Flight This Year (Or Per Month for Frequent Flyers)
  • Plant One Tree In Your Neighborhood
  • One Vote for the Most Environmentally Friendly Presidential Candidate
  • Share One Article a Week From Your Favorite Green Publication (like Treehugger, Grist, or My Five Acres!)

Maybe we’re bratty teens now, but one day we’ll come to appreciate Earth, just like our grown-up selves learned to appreciate Mom.

What’s going in your coupon book for Mother Earth? Share below!

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