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By Jane | November 16, 2011

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My picks of the best and worst green news of the week in one handy post. Accompanied by lots of slant and a large helping of rant.

Made Me Want to Punch Someone
Good reports that Burger King launched a barfy campaign to kids, pretending to “give back” to the environment. Their whopper of a donation? One cent per kid’s meal. That is so generous! Of course, the kid has to go to BK’s marketing-to-kids website before they will make the HUGE donation. Want to really help the environment? Don’t buy that meal in the first place.

From Switzerland comes just one more reason we should leave dolphins the fuck alone. Conny Land, the cheesy amusement park where the dolphins died has this gem on their website: “[Dolphins] are more likely to experience noise, vibrations, and danger in their natural environment than in the safety of a properly designed dolphin lagoon. In the open sea, they have to deal with 70 meter long dragnets and pollution inflicted on their natural habitat.”

I’m sure if they could speak, the dolphins would thank you profusely for ripping them from their natural environment and imprisoning them in a tiny pool. Oh no they wouldn’t, because they’re dead. Here’s a link to the Conny Land contact form just in case you want to tell them what you think of their dolphin shows.

Left Me Wondering
Another Good article, this time about coffee prices on the rise. I hope this might prompt some change in the industry, resulting in better pay and more sustainable coffee farming. On the other hand, the big guns in the coffee biz might decide to skimp even further on things like a living wage for workers and proper farming techniques.

The NYT’s news that Chimps’ Days in Labs May Be Dwindling seems OK on the surface. Getting chimps out of labs would be a great thing, if it actually happens. But then those labs will just replace chimps with some other animal, right? And what happens to the current lab chimps? I’d love to think they’ll end up in a sanctuary somewhere. The more likely scenario is that they’ll be killed and thrown out like so much trash.

Smiling Like an Idiot
I’ve been avidly following Tammy Strobel (of as she moves into her new tiny house. I loved reading about how she handled a dinner party for six in her 150 sq ft house (aka My Dream Home) this week. The photo above is hers and you can see more here.

In deliciousness news, the Forks Over Knives people are running a live stream on Thursday Nov 17 to teach you how to cook a vegan Thanksgiving meal. If you can’t make the live session, the recording will be on their site for a few days. Turkeys around the world thank you for watching.

Do you have a different take on any of these stories? What other green news have you heard this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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