Latest Green News: December 9

By Jane | December 9, 2011


It’s that time again, when we check out what’s been happening in the latest green news that’s fit to print. OK, green news hardly ever gets racy – we leave that to the politicians. Despite any lack of sauciness, you’ll want to read on to find out what Cyndi Lauper has to do with wooly mammoths (no, it’s not their identical hairstyles) and much more…

Latest Green News That Made Me Want To Spit
The Daily Mail reported this week that tuna are going extinct. Turns out they’re no match for our industrialized and largely unregulated fishing industry. Who knew? According to the article the tastiest tuna will be gone within 50 years. If you don’t want all the tuna to die, leading to unknowable consequences for all sea life, I propose we all start eating gourmet vegetarian sushi, stat. Caution, food porn ahead!

For years, Beijing residents have been somewhat miffed over the air quality (or lack thereof) in their city. I guess that’s understandable since it’s killing them and all. Of course, it took this week’s traffic delays and flight cancellations to really piss people off. This is what happens when profit and industry are put ahead of people and the environment. Good thing that kind of thing would never happen in the US.

Latest Green News That Had Me On the Fence
Environmentalists have been sounding the victory whoop (that’s a thing, right?) on Obama’s decision to not decide on the Keystone XL pipeline deal until 2013 (he’s the non-decider). Now, while I’m usually in full support of anything that pisses off Canadian PM Stephen Harper, this type of political wishy-washing is not OK by me. It leaves Obama wide open to approve the whole thing once as soon as he’s re-elected. And don’t even get me started on the SUV-loving, AC-cranking folks who’ve been protesting. Not-in-my-backyardism at its worst.

It’s kind of cool that scientists are on the verge of bringing back the wooly mammoth. Generally, I’m down with revivals. For example, I was all for it when Cyndi Lauper got popular again. But do we really want to bring back a gigantic animal that belongs to prehistory? On the one hand, I’d love to see one of those hairy giants up close. On the other, did we learn nothing from our experience with rabbits, killer bees, and Jurassic Park?

Latest Green News That Left Me Grinning
Two articles this week claim that a healthy environment is firmly linked to healthy economy (duh!). First, a study released by the NRDC (among others) reports that a full-on recycling initiative could create 1.5 million jobs in the next couple of decades. And KPCC tells us that a recent study by LA’s Economic Roundtable shows that “every million dollars invested in some kind of water conservation project generates almost $2 million dollars in sales”. And you know what $2 million in sales creates? Jobs. Lots and lots of jobs. Is this enough to convince the “environmentalism kills jobs” crowd? Doubtful since these are the same people who don’t believe in evolution despite millions of years of scientific evidence (and that whole wooly mammoth deal).

Paris and New York are doing some pretty cool things with parks these days. As reported by Treehugger, Paris announces a new Plan de Biodiversite that will amp up their green roof space by 7 hectares. You can see pretty pics of Parisian green roofs here. Meanwhile, the Delancey Underground project in New York is proposing a park that’s a little more earthbound. As in, right inside it. For a city with weather as crappy as New York’s, an underground park seems to be a pretty awesome solution. I just hope their not planning on installing air-conditioning.

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