Latest Green News: November 30

By Jane | November 30, 2011

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Here’s your weekly round-up of the latest green news, in all its depressing glory. Actually, I only wanted to spit nails a couple of times this week, so chalk this one up to a win for the environment.

Latest Green News That Made Me Want To Spit
Big food and big media joined together this week to try to stomp on a proposed list of guidelines around marketing junk food to kids. It’s going to wreck the economy, they screamed, backing up their claims with a self-funded a study (aka some mostly made up numbers). Apparently, the totally voluntary guidelines would kill 75,000 jobs. To me, killing jobs seems a lot better than killing kids, but I’m no economist.

I was totally surprised to learn this week, as will you be, that Walmart is bad for the environment. More disturbing is that it looks as though their greenwashing campaign, started in 2005, has actually been fooling people into thinking the mega-corp loves the flowers, the trees, and the air that we breathe.

Latest Green News That Had Me On the Fence
Team Obama proposed new car fuel economy standards this week and they look pretty good. Cars for 2025 should average 56 MPG which is a huge leap from the current 30 MPG. I just can’t get too rah rah about this news though, since it leads me to thinking about how much further ahead we’d be without the oil and gas lobby.

Then again, at the LA Auto Show, green cars seemed to be all the rage. Could consumer demand for efficiency actually leave federal regulation in the dust? What with electricity costing about the equivalent of $1/gallon of gas, I won’t be surprised if this sways the buying public.

I adore this video of hot lady scientists patiently explaining evolution and why it’s crucial that we teach it in schools. Sadly, this kind of thing is necessary because of this horrifying video of pageant contestants expressing their barely literate opinions on evolution. Maybe we should be teaching evolution in shopping malls, beauty salons, and anywhere else these girls were hanging out when they should have been in science class.

Latest Green News That Left Me Grinning
Okay, I have to admit that when my husband sent me an email telling me to search for “S Korea’s Lee dons thermal pants” I thought I had been spammed. But then I found out it really meant that South Korea’s president is one cool dude, who warms himself up by wearing long johns. If only our president would set such an example.

Finally, a Grist reporter travels to Tuscany where farmers are growing the world’s most delicious food using solar and geothermal energy. Mmm, I love me some zero-emission basil.

Got a few more minutes? Here’s some not so latest green news you may have missed:

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