October 2011 Accountability Journal

By Jane | October 31, 2011

Bee On Flower

State of Mind
Right now I’ve got this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s telling me I’m dropping the ball, not working hard enough. That feeling has been battling with the little voice telling me my idea is stupid, this project is stupid, it can never be done.

So far, my much louder confident voice is winning though. Just keep working. Keep getting it done. It doesn’t all have to be perfect on day one, but you need to get to day one however you can manage it.

My attention has been so scattered this month that the writing schedule I planned 30 days ago is laughable. I’ve cut way back on what I’m going to have ready for launch and that’s fine. It’s just day one.

What I’ve Been Up To
All content all the time. No more design tweaks. No SEO, no marketing, no networking. Just research, writing, reading, studying, and thinking…

Hours Logged
A total of 42. About 30 researching and writing my ebook, the rest writing regular posts.

My Teachers
Think Traffic and the Million Dollar Blog Project
Andy Bellatti of Small Bites Blog for nutrition info everyone should know
Michele Simon at Appetite for Profit who reveals the often sickening secrets behind food politics and marketing in the US
David McCandless at Information is Beautiful. There’s so much powerful data on my topic that some of it is better shared through infographics. David is a master infographer – check out his latest post on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Income and Expenses
$0 (bo0!)

$0 (yay!)

What Could I Have Done Better?
I should have scheduled some specific time each day to write. I’m finding if I don’t write first thing in the morning, I probably don’t write at all. This month I’m going to try to knock out a few hours each morning and see how that works for me.

Goals for This Week

  • Finish researching my ebook – I’m so close, but there’s so much I want to cover!
  • Come up with a chapter structure for the book. I can’t include everything, so I’m planning on structuring each chapter to help me focus on the most important info.
  • Start writing. I need to get some chapters written. In fact, I need to get all the chapters written so I have can use next week for design.

Your turn. What have you been working on this month? What have you let slide? Where are you going to be by next month? Tell us in the comments section.

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