Our Little House Is Way Too Big

By Jane Mountain | May 25, 2012

Tiny House

Two years ago, we were shopping for a house. We had a short list of absolute must-haves that included three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a big outdoor space. We looked at about a million houses before we found The One.

High up off the road, big beautiful yard, huge deck with a view, three bedrooms, two baths, nice little kitchen, open plan… 1100 square feet in all. Tiny by midwest standards, huge if you’re from New York.

It was perfect.

Then one day a few weeks ago I realized we have way too much space.

There are whole rooms that go practically unused.

Take “the office” for instance. I use a tiny corner of it the few days per week I work from home. More often than not, I take my laptop outside, into the kitchen, or into bed (shhh, don’t tell my boss). The second bathroom is another wasted space. It’s in heavy rotation for about four weeks a year when we have visitors. The rest of the time it’s a really nice place for spiders to hang out and gossip. And the living room? The living room is just the space we walk through to get from the kitchen to our TV.

We have cupboards that do nothing but store the junk we never use. We have an attic full of stuff. I have no idea what that stuff may be. All I know is that we moved it from Vancouver to England to Los Angeles so it must be important, right?

Guess what? All that extra space to store all that extra junk costs a lot of extra money. To pay for it, I work full time at a career that may (or may not) make me happy (it depends on the weather and the time of day). But I don’t think about it too much because, hey, we have all these bills to pay.

That, my friends, is not healthy. Yet it’s how most of us live our lives.

How would it feel to jettison all that stuff and move into a tiny home, paid for in cash? What could I accomplish if I could put my energy towards whatever I wanted?

What could you do with a little less space and a little more time?

Photo by Luke Hayfield Photography


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