Hidden Gems Around the World, Writer’s Guidelines

Hey there. Thanks so much for taking the time to contribute to My Five Acres! These guidelines should help focus your Hidden Gems story and (we hope) make it easy to write.

If you haven’t submitted your idea to us yet, please read our Guest Posts page first.

The Topic

Tell us about a single place, either far away or right around the corner from home, that makes you feel whole, happy, and welcome. This could be a hidden café, an out-of-the-way street food stall, a quiet beach, or a remarkable (but affordable) guesthouse or B&B.

We’re particularly interested in places which will appeal to adventurous people who like to see the world the way locals do. No luxury resorts or Michelin-starred restaurants, please!

Here are some examples in case you get stuck →


We need at least one great picture, minimum 2000 pixels wide.

You must own the picture or ask the business for press photos. More pictures (3-5) is better.

To send your pictures, upload them to your favourite sharing site (eg. Dropbox, Flickr, or Google Drive). If you don’t have one, use We Transfer

The Structure

You can just copy the text below to use as a template.

Please refer to our published gems to see how each element appears on the page.

What We Love

Why is your gem so great? 3-5 bullet points.

Reason one
Reason two
Reason three
Reason four (optional)
Reason five (optional)

Best For

What kind of traveler will like this gem? 2-3 types of traveller, such as Couples, Retirees, Backpackers

Traveller type one
Traveller type two
Traveller type three (optional)

Fact List

Just the facts, ma’am.

Where? {city, country}
What? {type of business or place}
Location {city centre, north of town etc}
Per night/meal/visit (USD) ${??}
Recommended by {your name}
Last visited {month, year}


Summarize your post with a couple of sentences (around 50 words). Below is an example, but feel free to tailor it to your gem.

This {type of place, business, etc} in {city, country} is {something unique about the place}. For {the type of traveler who should go here}, this {descriptive phrase} is a hidden gem.

What’s the Story?

150-300 words

This is your chance for storytelling. How did you find it? When did you go there? What led to your discovery? Have you been back since?

What’s So Great About It?

150-300 words

What makes this place so great? Why should I go there? What are some of its best features? What will travelers experience if they make the effort to find it?

How to Get There

If possible, provide the street address, but if your gem is truly hidden also include directions so visitors don’t get lost.

Recommended by [your name]

30-50 words

Please include a short bio and a picture of yourself.

And Finally

Once your piece is finished, edited, and ready to send, email it to [email protected]

We’ll review your contribution and get back to you as soon as possible to let you know when it will be published.  

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