Celebrate Solstice at this Adventurous Ireland Yoga Retreat

Rebalance your energy and reconnect to nature, community, and yourself

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Are you looking for a way to reset, restore, or rejuvenate yourself – so you’re ready for an action-packed summer? We’ve got the perfect solution – come join us on Solstice weekend at our Ireland yoga retreat!

I love my life as a travelling yoga teacher but I’ll let you in on a secret… being on the road 12 months a year is pretty demanding.

That’s why I can’t wait to get to Ireland to teach my Summer Solstice Soul Food yoga retreat!

I’m looking forward to rebalancing my energy and connecting to nature — not to mention spending time with an amazing community of yogis.

Where is this Ireland retreat?

I can’t think of a better place to be for this weekend of adventure.

The Yoga House in Tallow is a beautiful setting in an old school house, with nature all around, including a babbling brook, fresh air, and fertile fields ideal for wandering. What better place to focus on getting back to your centre, finding balance in your life, and resetting for the summer?

(If you found us while looking for a UK yoga retreat, I recommend the short trip — but a world away! — to the south of Ireland. You can fly here from London for as low as £14.99.)

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Why focus on restoring balance?

Solstice is a time of imbalance — the sun is at its most energetic and most powerful, while darkness is at an ebb. It is a reminder to me that the ebb and flow of energy, moods, and chaos in our lives is perfectly natural. It’s a great time to reflect on the parts of our lives that have totally taken over and the parts that could use a little more care.

Are you looking for a way to reset, restore, or rejuvenate yourself – so you're ready for an action-packed summer? We've got the perfect solution – come join us on Solstice weekend at our Ireland yoga retreat! #ireland #yogaretreat #travel

Restore your balance on solstice.

What can you expect from your Ireland yoga retreat?

This weekend we’ll be promoting and balancing your Yang energy.

Yang is a Chinese word for sun.

It also has a less concrete meaning. It refers to a bright and powerful energy inside each of us that influences how our lives unfold.

In the Chinese tradition Yang must be balanced with the Yin, or dark energy.

We’ll play with the push and pull of life, or Yin and Yang, to help you unravel the possibilities life has to offer and help you focus on the desires that come straight from your heart.

This Ireland treat is a chance to make a little space in your life to explore your possibilities, lift your spirits, and of course, spend time with the physical practice, too!

Building strength and balance in your body will give you the confidence to face life’s challenges and joys with more control and adaptability.

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Let’s work on balance in all aspects of our lives.

Tell me more about the yoga!

Our goal with Adventure Yoga is to give you the knowledge, courage and empowerment to make your own choices and step outside your comfort zone.

I ask my students to think for themselves, to work to their best ability, and I encourage them to seek answers to their most pressing questions — like “Who are you?” and “What do you really want from life?”

Adventure Yoga is my way of promoting and creating a community of like-minded people around the world who want to make their own choices, take chances, and step outside the boundaries that society sets up for us.

It is all about exploring and expanding possibilities within yourself and in your life.

Through Adventure Yoga workshops, trainings, and retreats, I have worked with thousands of students who are ready for a change and just need a little help with clarity, courage, and empowerment to take the next step.

As a bonus, all hours of this Ireland retreat count towards Yoga Alliance Professionals Continuing Education Hours.

Email Stephen or ask the studio for more information if you want to submit your hours.

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Who is Stephen?

“Stephen’s playful exuberance lifts the spirits of everyone, his focus, passion and work ethic lifts the bar for everyone. His very presence energies and animates us.” Noah Mazé, founder of YOGAMAZÉ

I started my yoga journey just over 10 years ago, after nearly dying in a moped accident (I know, it sounds kind of funny, but trust me, it wasn’t)!

For me, yoga was the massive change I was looking for at the time and within a few months of my first class, I knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Since then, I’ve taken (and led) thousands of hours of trainings, achieved the highest possible certificate from Yoga Alliance, ERYT 500, and am one of a handful of students certified by YOGAMAZÉ, Noah Mazé’s elite yoga school.

So far, I’ve taught Adventure Yoga to thousands of students in 25 countries. I hope you’re next :)

Want to know more about the food?

So do we! In fact we can’t wait.

UPDATE: We had planned a vegan chef to join us for the retreat, but unfortunately he has suffered an injury and won’t be able to join us. Rachael is currently rearranging plans! We will update you when we know more.

Where will I sleep?

There are limited spaces available on-site, so if you’re interested, contact Rachel at The Yoga House as soon as possible.

To find a cozy place to stay nearby, click here →

(It’s a link to Booking.com, which we use for 99% of our hotel bookings.)

If you live in Cork or Waterford, you probably already know where Tallow is. It’s an easy trip and other people will be travelling too, so if you don’t have transportation, we can help coordinate. Just let Rachel know!

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All the Details

When is the retreat?

It all kicks off with yoga asana and dinner of Friday June 15th and we finish after lunch on Sunday which gives you plenty of time to get home before the weekend is over!

The schedule looks like this:

Friday June 15th
7pm–9pm Yoga Asana
9pm–Light dinner

Saturday June 16th
10am–1pm Yoga Asana
After lunch until 3pm: time to wander the ground, dip your feet in the stream, socialise, etc.
3pm–6pm Yoga Asana

Sunday, June 17th
10am–1pm Yoga Asana

How much does it cost?

Investment: €250
To book your space please contact the studio on +353 (0)87 6702394 or by email at [email protected]

Where is the retreat?

The Yoga House, Tallow
The Old Schoolhouse,
Moorehill, Tallow, Co. Waterford

Great places to stay near Tallow

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in the area you can use this link to Booking.com.

This is our personal affiliate link so I get a small payment for every booking made, but you pay nothing extra. Thanks! It’s not easy earning a living as a travelling yoga teacher :)

I’m so looking forward to spending this restorative, rejuvenating and fun weekend with you!

  See you there! Stephen (& Jane)

Are you looking for a way to reset, restore, or rejuvenate yourself – so you're ready for an action-packed summer? We've got the perfect solution – come join us on Solstice weekend at our Ireland yoga retreat! #ireland #yogaretreat #travel

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