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Explore the World, Discover Yourself

mindful journeys

What are mindful journeys?

We know that travel is much more than just exploring the world… it’s really about discovering who you are.

Whether you’re investigating your inner world at a yoga retreat, immersing yourself in nature on a jungle hike, or simply gazing out to sea on a pristine beach, mindful journeys help you release your everyday concerns and absorb the sights, sounds, and scents around you.

My Five Acres mindful travel guides will help you discover transformative outdoor adventures, eco friendly activities, spiritual sanctuaries, and profound cultural experiences.

These are adventures that will challenge you, surprise you, inspire you, and, ultimately, bring you closer to your own heart.

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Mindful Travel Guides

Our journeys have taken us to more than 50 countries so far. These inspiring guides will help you uncover the best of our favourite destinations around the world.

mindful journeys cambodia
mindful journeys vietnam
mindful journeys thailand
mindful journeys bc
mindful journeys bali
mindful journeys morocco

Vegan Travel Guides

For us, a big part of travelling mindfully means seeking out sustainable meals. Our vegan and vegetarian travel guides will help you navigate the delicious world of animal-friendly foods!

mindful journeys vegan bali
mindful journeys vegan vietnam
mindful journeys vegan europe

Practice Mindful Packing

We travel full-time using only carry-on suitcases because we know nothing ruins a trip quite like dragging heavy luggage from place to place.

Even if you’re an over-packer by nature, our minimalist packing guide includes all the tips and gear you need to make sure your suitcase doesn’t drag you down.

mindful journeys minimalist packing

Is Cycle Touring Right for You?

mindful journeys cycle touring

We spent 2 years cycling 16,000 km in 22 countries!

Cycle touring is an incredible way to slow down, immerse yourself in nature and culture, and discover who you really are — and exactly what you can achieve.

If you’re seeking the ultimate mindful journey, cycle touring might be the answer.

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