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Hidden Gems Shanghai: Sumerian Coffee

During our cycle tour through China we spent a month in Shanghai while I taught yoga and we explored the city. Right away, as I always do in a new city, I searched out the best coffee Shanghai had to offer. In November 2013, there were really only a couple of places in the city […]

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Hidden Gems Hong Kong: Po’s Atelier

Recommended by Jane and Stephen OK, we’re not gonna lie. Po’s Atelier isn’t some little, hidden café we stumbled upon by accident. It’s very popular with expats in Hong Kong and it was popular long before we ever went there. In fact, the first time we went, there was a line out the door. Even […]

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Hidden Gems: Epic Arts Cafe, Kampot, Cambodia

by Jarryd and Alesha from NOMADasaurus From the moment we first arrived in Kampot in August 2014, the phrase we instantly grew accustomed to hearing from the expat scene was, “Meet you at Epic Arts.” Even for the local Khmer people who could not speak English, those two words would bring about cheerful grins and […]

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Hidden Gems: Narendra Guest House, Ubud, Bali

by Jane We had been on the go for almost two years, had just gotten over a nasty case of dengue fever, and Stephen was on his way to teach yoga in Europe. Without me! For the first time since we’d left home, I was going to be alone. The frenzy of Ubud in July […]

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Hidden Gems: The Elegance Emerald, Hanoi, Vietnam

We had arrived in Hanoi suddenly, after discovering in Ha Long Bay that our Vietnamese visas had expired unexpectedly. Using our app, we had pre-booked a place who promised they had room for our bikes. When it turned out that “room for our bikes” meant they’d be sitting on the sidewalk out front of […]

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Hidden Gems: Galabag Homestay, Thoen, Thailand

After a long, hot day of cycling, we ended up in Thoen Buri, a small town part way between Chiang Mai and Sukhothai. The three hotels on the main road were overpriced and skanky and after a very disappointing lunch in the musty restaurant of one of them, we couldn’t bring ourselves to check in. […]

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Hidden Gems: Restaurant, Bailongcun, China

It had been about 10 days since we’d eaten anything but rice, tofu, and stir-fried lettuce (and the occasional Snickers bar). In winter, in rural southern China, there wasn’t much for vegetarians to chow down on. As we road along the quiet Provincial Road S373 from the mid-size city of Zhanjiang to the smallish city […]

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