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your complete guide to renting a scooter in bali

Renting a Scooter in Bali – Cost, Safety Tips, Avoiding Scams and More

Thinking about renting a scooter in Bali? Don’t do it before you read this post! Riding a scooter in Bali can be great fun, as long as you know how to stay safe and avoid the scams. Read on for your complete guide to Bali motorbike rental. What’s in our guide to renting a scooter […]

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yoga retreats in bali

Yoga Retreats in Bali – Our Picks for 2020

There are so many yoga retreats in Bali, finding the perfect one is not easy! We put together this guide to help you figure out exactly what you want from a retreat and make finding the right a little less painful. There’s no doubt about it, Bali is one of the best wellness travel destinations in […]

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best restaurants in uluwatu vegan

Uluwatu Vegan – Your Guide to the Best Restaurants in Uluwatu!

Looking for Uluwatu vegan food? We picked the best restaurants in Uluwatu for vegans — but most serve plenty of omnivore options as well. Read on to discover our picks of the best places to eat in Uluwatu. What’s in this guide to Uluwatu vegan food? 1. Restaurants on Jalan Labuansait with Vegan Options 2. Restaurants […]

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yoga in sanur

The best yoga in Sanur – by a full-time travelling yoga teacher

Though the Sanur yoga scene isn’t quite up to Ubud levels, it is growing. The problem is, the yoga opportunities in Sanur can be a little hard to find. So keep reading for your easy guide to finding the best yoga in Sanur. What in our guide to yoga in Sanur Bali? 1. Sanur Yoga […]

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best restaurants in sanur

Best Sanur Vegan Food to Satisfy Your Tongue and Tummy

Looking for the best Sanur vegan food? We spent almost a week in this Bali beach town sampling all the vegan eats we could sink our teeth into. Here’s all the food we loved (and some we hated) in Sanur! What’s in our guide to the best restaurants in Sanur? 1. The 3 Best Sanur […]

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best yoga in ubud

Find the Best Yoga in Ubud for Your Style & Level

Looking for the best yoga in Ubud, Bali? Ubud attracts yogis from around the globe and the local yoga market is saturated with yoga studios, retreats, resorts, and more. We help you find the best yoga in Ubud for your style and level of practice. Here’s what’s in our guide to the best yoga in […]

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ubud vegan

Vegan Ubud – Tasty Plant-Based Meals in Ubud, Bali

If you’re looking for the best Ubud vegan food, we’re here to help you sort the awesome from the overrated. Keep reading to discover where to eat in Ubud for the best animal-friendly meals! What’s in our guide to vegan food in Ubud? 1. Our 3 Favourite Restaurants in Ubud 2. Vegan Restaurants in Ubud […]

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Is it Safe to Travel to Bali? Coronavirus Update [March 2020]

Are you wondering if it’s safe to travel to Bali right now? How bad is COVID-19 now? How bad is it going to get? Read this post for the latest info. The World Health Organization finally declared the outbreak of novel coronavirus to be a pandemic. The US has announced that they’re restricting travel from […]

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tegalalang rice fields

How to Have an Amazing Time at the Tegalalang Rice Fields

A trip to the spectacular Tegalalang Rice Fields is a part of most visitors’ Bali itinerary. Our guide includes everything you need to know before you go, including entrance fees, opening hours, and the exact location. What’s in our guide to visiting the Ubud Tegalalang Rice Terrace? 1. What to Do 2. Taking a Tegalalang […]

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main blog image canggu vegan food

Best Canggu Vegan Food to Fill Your Belly and Feed Your Soul

Looking for amazing vegan food in Canggu? You won’t have to look far. Ever since moving here a month ago, we have been enjoying old faves and discovering new places to get plant-based delights. Read on for your guide to vegan paradise. For vegans, Ubud used to be the ultimate Bali destination. But in the […]

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