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transform your vision

How to Transform Your Vision into Reality. You CAN Do It!

Until you take the steps to transform your vision into reality, your life vision is just a glossy, sparkly dream, which is nice to look at but disappears (just like the Star Destroyer in the 3D version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens) when you reach out to touch it. When you first sat down […]

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hero of your life

Are You the Hero of Your Life? How to Cast Yourself in the Starring Role!

In movies, books, and legends, heroes often find themselves pulled into unexpected adventures, through no choice of their own. I used to think that real life worked that way, too. I thought I had to sit around and wait until someone asked me to be the hero of my life. Not true! Sitting around waiting […]

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create a vision

5 Fabulous Tools to Help Create a Vision for Your Life

If you don’t already have one, it’s time to create a vision for your life. The idea of creating a life vision can run dangerously close to the hokey world of The Secret (sorry, The Secret fans, but seriously?). So let’s just make it clear at the outset that we’re not talking about wishing for […]

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how to start meditating

How to Get Over Your Hangups and Start Meditating

Years after I began practicing yoga regularly, I still resisted the idea of meditating. While the benefits of yoga were apparent after my first class, meditation seemed a little… out there. I couldn’t see any reason to start meditating. Meditation just wasn’t for me (I decided, in my infinite wisdom). Do you wonder about meditation, […]

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science of meditation

Can Meditation Make You Better? Science Says Yes.

Let me be perfectly honest at the outset. I’m not sure if meditation does anything for me. There, I said it. Yeah, it feels nice to do nothing for 20 minutes each day, but I don’t notice much of a difference between days I meditate and days I don’t. I’ve always wondered… Is meditation a […]

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We interviewed musicians, comedians, entrepreneurs, writers, designers and of course, a few yoga teachers, to understand more about how meditation works and how people benefit from meditating.

How to Meditate: 17 Mindful Adventurers Share Their Tips

We’ve all heard that meditation is good for us, that it can improve our health, make us less stressed, better at relationships, and even happier. So why doesn’t everyone meditate? I think pop culture is partly to blame. In movies and TV, meditation is practiced by people with top-knots, scraggly beards, hairy legs, and a […]

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be happier with a simple trick

How to Be Happier with a Simple Flip of the Happiness Switch

I used to think that happiness was never going to happen for me. Even though I had all the cards stacked in my favour – a hot husband, a great family, a high-paying job, and a gorgeous house – I woke up every morning feeling miserable. Usually, I just wanted to pull the covers up […]

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Live Your Adventure Now, Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

It’s easy to think that our world is a place filled with madness, sorrow, and fear. The everyday violence of terror attacks — not to mention the wars that continue to rage in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Mexico, Somalia, Pakistan, Sudan and so many other places across the globe — are utterly beyond comprehension. It’s scary […]

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Sharing your dreams with friends and family can be one of the scariest things you ever do. Here's how to handle their most common (and annoying) reactions.

The Danger of Sharing Your Dreams

I’m a dreamer. I get big ideas all the time. Some of them fizzle before they’re even a spark. Others slowly take shape in my brain (and my heart) until they’re too big to ignore. At that point, I jump in with both feet, take that puffy dream and shape it into a plan. Then […]

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the art of saying no

How to Say No to the Most Demanding Person in Your Life – You

What’s the first thing you think when your alarm goes off in the morning? If it starts with “f” and rhymes with stuck, you probably need to learn how to say no. And I’m not talking about turning down party invites, favours to family members and added responsibilities at work. Nope. Because if you’re anything […]

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