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Hidden Gems Hong Kong: Po’s Atelier

This drool-inducing bakery and patisserie in Hong Kong is hidden high on the twisting residential streets of Sheung Wan. For people who like to indulge after a long walk, this modern patisserie is the perfect hidden gem. This Hidden Gems Hong Kong edition was recommended by Stephen and Jane. Find out all about Po’s Atelier […]

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Back, Back, And Forth

One year ago today, Stephen gave me the best birthday present ever, rescuing me from the absolute lowest point of our trip, by securing us a place on a tourist cruise ship down the Yangtze. Two years ago, I was obsessively getting ready for our bike trip, and worrying about the environmental impact of all […]

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The Next Episode

15,775 km total. Even though we have spent almost one month in and around Ubud, barely cycling 70 km over four weeks, I have been putting off allowing myself to mentally declare our bike trip over. Now that I am on a plane, flying to Hong Kong without my bicycle, and without Jane, I guess […]

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Back To China

12,373 km so far. Not every day of our trip can be on quiet back roads, unfortunately. Riding along the highway all day today we had flashbacks to China. Now, don’t get me wrong. Thailand and China are very different places. However, today we couldn’t help but notice all the similarities. There is an entire […]

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Goodbye China, Hello Vietnam

9,742 so far. When we rolled our bikes off the elevator and into the hotel lobby this morning there were two guys there who were very interested in our set-up. They both spoke English and one of them asked us, “Where are you riding to today?” “Vietnam,” I replied. Since we were only 100 km […]

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Revolution, Rock

9,559 so far. Roads, for the most part, have been really well built and well maintained in China. We have, so far, ridden 3,000 km of road in China, so I know a bit about that of which I speak. Sometimes though, inexplicably, the road turns to shit. This happened today. I wish we’d stopped […]

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Back To Reality

9,090 km so far. Here’s roughly how the conversation went. “Stephen, you should put that leftover eggplant in the fridge.” “Hrm,” he replied, a noncommittal sound I foolishly took for assent. Later “Stephen, did you put the eggplant in the fridge?” “No.” “Oh, I guess we shouldn’t eat it then.” Later Stephen, you probably shouldn’t […]

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Chasing Waterfalls

8,999 km so far. It was our intention to sleep late, letting the sound of the surf gently rouse us around 10am or so, but with no curtain on the sliding door in our shared dorm room, that dream died with the sunrise. All was OK though, because it was a beautiful sunny morning, and […]

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A Thoroughly Pleasant Day

8,816 km so far. This morning when we woke up and opened the window, something just felt wrong. At first we couldn’t put our finger on it, but then we realised it was eerily quiet outside. No kids were screaming in the alleyway below our room, no horns were honking in the distance, no youths […]

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Is Effort Effective?

8,715 km so far. A recurring lesson in my yoga classes the past year has been “Effort Is Effective.” Today involved a lot of effort, but the results were disappointing. We are planning on cycling on Hainan for the next 10 days, before heading back the mainland, and riding into Vietnam. Chinese New Year is […]

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