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Taking Over Krakow With 3500 Cyclists

2802 km so far. This morning we went to visit the Karma Coffee Roasters roastery. It was closed when we got there, but after wandering around the Kazimierz district for a little while, we went back and found it open. Hurrah. Sadly, by then I was far too hot to order a coffee. I satisfied […]

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Surprise, We’re In Baja!

2101 km so far. And here you thought I meant California. Hungary has its own Baja, which sadly isn’t quite as sun-baked and sandy as California’s. Myth Busters When we were in Pécs, we asked Mirko about the EuroVelo 6 and he replied, “I think that’s more of a myth.” We’d also read blogs written […]

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Beer, Yoga, Namaste: What A Great Day

1435 km so far. We have discovered that hardly anybody we know knows anything about Ljubljana. We love this city! It’s the first place we’ve felt we could stay for a while; our first impressions have been great. (Don’t miss: Ljubljana is on our list of the most romantic cities in Europe. Check out the […]

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Human Fish Saves The Day

1435 km so far. I am sick of lager. And pilsner. I knew when we headed out on this trip I would end up drinking a lot of light (in colour and taste) beer, because we are in the land of light beer. While living in England for almost a decade I fell in love […]

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Life Is Not Always As You Expect

1282 km so far. Some days you just don’t know what is going to happen, and sometimes those turn out to be the best days. Despite a difficult start, today was one of those. We were expecting a nice lazy ride along the Kolpa river valley. The Kolpa river is 113 km long and forms […]

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Rest Day in Urbinzoo

Today I got to have two naps! Two! And I did yoga for about 15 minutes. Such luxury. We love our little room (complete with an entire kitchen inside a cupboard!) at the B&B Albornoz so much that we decided to stay a second night. Another huge expense, but much needed, since our bodies and […]

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Feelings. Nothing more than feelings…

We are currently waiting to board our flight from Los Angeles to Roma, via London (only for an hour, at Heathrow). Our house sale is finalised (two hours ago), we are moved out, and as of this evening a new family lives and loves there. Our bikes have been (hopefully) loaded onto the plane, and […]

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