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The Bumpy Road Less Travelled

We awoke to another perfect day of baby blue skies undisturbed by clouds, temperate temperature, and Croatian hospitality. Our plan was vague, but involved scouring ferry schedules, asking questions at the various ferry offices, getting off Korčula, and heading towards Dubrovnik – possibly via Mljet, Šipan or Orebić on the Peljesač peninsula that lies just […]

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Korcula Island End to End

Croatia is a paradise so far. We’ve had perfect weather, smooth roads, outstanding fresh-baked breads, and good company. This morning we woke, a little exhausted truth be told, since Stephen had a weird pillow (it was like 7 inches thick on one side) and had tossed and turned all night. Combining that with my cough […]

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Ferries, Errands, and Islands

“Nothing I can say, a total eclipse of the heart…” I guess I can think of worse things than being woken up by 80s pop hits at 6am on a ferry that has left a lot to be desired in terms of home comforts, but it seemed like a major trial this morning. By 7:30 […]

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Fall Down, Get Up, Keep Going

Today started with a slightly monotonous ride along a very straight, very flat, seaside road. We passed hotel after hotel, cabana after cabana, and beachside cafe after beachside cafe, all being painted, renovated, and generally cleaned up by their various owners in anticipation of “the season”. It felt very seasonal out, with the thermometer reaching […]

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