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bike touring germany

Bike Touring Germany: Everything You Need to Know for an Amazing Adventure

If you’re thinking of bike touring Germany, we say, great idea! With its well-developed network of bike paths and flat terrain in much of the country, Germany is the perfect place for your first cycle tour. Read on to find out if cycle touring Germany is right for you. Also don’t miss these posts: Grab […]

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hamburg vegan restaurants

Vegan Hamburg: 15 of the Best Places to Eat Animal-Friendly Food in Hamburg

As a country that seems to survive on wurst and schnitzel, Germany can be tough going for vegan travellers. Luckily, vegan Hamburg is alive and thriving with plenty of 100% vegan restaurants and plenty more that offer delicious vegan options. So if you’re hungry in Hamburg, get ready to feast! What’s in our Guide to […]

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vegan food in berlin

Best Vegan Restaurants in Berlin for Cheap Eats

There are tons of vegan restaurants in Berlin, but it can be hard to find any that are good and affordable. So before you go, check out our budget vegan guide to Berlin. Back when we first visited Berlin, there weren’t that many places to eat great cheap vegan food. Since then, we have been […]

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10 Reasons to Love Berlin Germany Travel

10 Reasons to Love Berlin (and One Thing I Hate)

“I love Berlin!!” It’s the standard reply people give when they hear we’re headed here. Yet, despite having spent more time Berlin than any other European city (except London, where we lived for 9 years), Stephen and I aren’t so sure… There have been times when we’ve disliked Berlin immensely, even a few days when […]

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Unforgettable Days Cycling In Europe, Part 2

As you know, we are both quite fond of nature and we like to preserve her resources whenever we can. With that in mind, we bring you a second day of recycled posts. For those of you who are new here, this should be a great introduction to our trip. For those of you who’ve […]

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Long time no see, or hǎo jiǔ bu jiàn in Chinese, seems like an appropriate calque to use today. You see, I have never seen China. However, in a little more than one week, Jane and I will arrive in Beijing. Yes, it is true. We are officially going to China!!! Our passports are back, […]

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What It Means To Be Free

Woke up to the sound of tribal drums beating in the distance. Once again, I thought my Game Of Thrones reading marathon had finally gotten the better of me. But no! It is the Berlin Marathon! I leaped out of bed, pulled on whatever clothes were lying around, grabbed the camera, and ran outside. The […]

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Nearly 80 years ago, despite outcry from around the world, the Olympic committee decided the Olympics should go ahead as planned, in Nazi Germany. Since we all know now that the IOC have taken a bribe or two in their time, I assume that at some point Hitler sent a few henchmen to visit various […]

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It’s Oktoberfest!

Do you know what happens when you’re in Germany in October (and late September, as it turns out)? That’s right. Oktoberfest! The world’s most famous place to drink very large beers. OK, so the real Oktoberfest happens in Munich, but that doesn’t stop the people of Berlin from gathering in Alexanderplatz to shiver in the […]

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Half A Year and Half A World Away

It is six months since spring was springing and we arrived in Rome to begin our journey. We have travelled almost 7,000 km through 15 countries to end up here, in Berlin, as winter creeps into the city. We hope to find out in the next 24 hours if we have passed the next hurdle, […]

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