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Hidden Gems Hong Kong: Po’s Atelier

This drool-inducing bakery and patisserie in Hong Kong is hidden high on the twisting residential streets of Sheung Wan. For people who like to indulge after a long walk, this modern patisserie is the perfect hidden gem. This Hidden Gems Hong Kong edition was recommended by Stephen and Jane. Find out all about Po’s Atelier […]

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The Next Episode

15,775 km total. Even though we have spent almost one month in and around Ubud, barely cycling 70 km over four weeks, I have been putting off allowing myself to mentally declare our bike trip over. Now that I am on a plane, flying to Hong Kong without my bicycle, and without Jane, I guess […]

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Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

8,008 km so far. We are rolling the rails once again, heading back to “The Mainland”. It’s about 1,200 km from Hong Kong to Chibi, so we are in for a full day of travel. Between Guangzhou and Chibi there is a bullet train, so at least we don’t have to travel through the night, […]

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Trimming Down and Packing Up

8,008 km so far. Since it’s our last day in Hong Kong, today was a big day for crossing the last few to dos off our list. We spent our energy fighting through crowds in Hong Kong’s Central district to visit the post office, two coffee shops, and several bookstores. Heavy Decisions We were looking […]

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Less Smog, More Smaug

8,008 km so far. One more move while we are here in Hong Kong, as we headed back to Teresa’s for our last couple of nights in town. After dropping our stuff off, we went out for food and a walk around Teresa’s neighbourhood. This involves endless stairs, up and down, up and down, but […]

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Passion People

8,008 km so far. This morning Stephen taught his last lululemon class in Hong Kong (of this trip). It was a full house and a fun, friendly group, many of whom had been to one of his other Hong Kong classes. Also, he got to say Ishvarapranidhana a lot, which is always fun. Beware Of […]

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Yoga Hat Trick

8,008 km so far. When I teach more then once in a day, the whole day becomes about yoga. There are usually a few hours between classes, which means with eating and travel time, there isn’t much left of the day. Usually, I would spend some time between classes practicing at whatever studio I’m teaching […]

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Feeding The Machine

Despite our feeble efforts to get out early today, we ended up staying in and working for hours. I have felt drowned by work ever since we got to Hong Kong, which is a ridiculous way for someone with no job to feel. So, though it’s a little lame to stay in when we’re in […]

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Home Comforts In HK

8,008 km so far. Happy New Year! OK, now that that’s out of the way… I woke up craving pancakes. I think this is a natural response to many years of heading to the 101 Coffee Shop in LA for New Year’s brunch. I couldn’t find vegan pancakes in Hong Kong, but I did find […]

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Like It’s 1999

8,008 km so far. And so the year ends. It’s been a wild one for us, entirely spent planning and/or enjoying this crazy trip we’re on. As with everything one undertakes, some of it has been great, some awful, and most of it has been somewhere in between. Looking back on 2013 as a sum […]

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