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Back On Track

15,042 km so far. It is a relief to be back on our bikes. It has been far too long since we last rode more than a few kilometres around a city. Today we headed out of Yogyakarta, starting our trek to Bali. Fields Of Green Almost immediately we were in the countryside, where rice […]

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Avoiding The Tourists

14,974 km so far. Borobudur, a longish bus ride from Yogyakarta, is one of the most important Buddhist sites in the world. It is also Indonesia’s biggest tourist attraction and a must-see on any visit to the region. Which is precisely why we decided to skip it. Given the choice between spending the day exploring […]

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Trains Go Really Fast

14,974 km so far. It was without an ounce of regret that we jumped on the train this morning to head out of Jakarta. We knew we’d made the right decision as we watched the crowded streets of Jakarta sail by for what seemed like hours. I didn’t want to be down there on my […]

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An American In Jakarta

14,966 km so far. I had an idea in my head, no doubt subtly planted there by Republican commentators, that the school we were going to visit today would be a small, rundown place teaching a strict version of Islam. The students would all be boys. If girls were allowed they would all be wearing […]

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Saying Goodbye To Our Bikes

14,966 km so far. Our day began by doing something I am quite nervous about. We took our bikes to the train cargo depot in Northern Jakarta, handing them off to a shipping company, and now we have little to do but hope they will meet us in Yogyakarta. Not The River Of Babylon The […]

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