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From Sabaidee To Sawadee

11,041 km so far. Border crossing days are always a little anxiety provoking. You just never really know what’s going to happen. Thanks to the magic of the internet, we were pretty sure we’d managed to unravel the conflicting information out there and figure out exactly what we needed to do and where we needed […]

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Just Another Day In Paradise

10,967 km so far. Our journey to Huayxai continues, with another nine hours of cruising along the Mekong. Today’s boat is smaller and a little less luxurious than yesterday’s, but we have decent seats, great weather, and pristine views of mostly uninhabited wilderness. Mekong Lane Every once in a while a town appears, but in […]

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Puttering Up The Mekong

10,965 km so far. Like The Danube, The Nile, and The Amazon, The Mekong is one of the mighty rivers of our imaginations, flowing through all we’ve read, seen, and heard about this part of the world. Every time we stumbled upon a new view of it during our stay in Luang Prabang, we couldn’t […]

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Lazy In Luang Prabang

10,956 km so far. We are really enjoying the speed of life in Laos, and know that when we leave Luang Prabang our time here will be pretty much over. We are thankful to have another day to wander around the city, without much of anything on our to do list. Working Hard At Relaxing […]

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Riders At The Gates Of Dawn

10,956 km so far. With the temperature due to reach 37C/99F today, and a 100 km ride to Luang Prabang ahead of us, we decided to act like real cycle tourists. This means our alarm went off as the sun was rising at 6am, and we were at morning market to pick up breakfast and […]

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Previously, On Laost

10,809 km so far. We were so tired last night that we barely unpacked a thing. We even left a couple of panniers on our bikes, which we never do. So when the alarm went off at 7am, which was about an hour-and-a-half after the local dogs, children, and cocks had started their daily cacophony, […]

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Have We Laost Our Minds?

10,808 km so far. Today was probably the most difficult ride of the past eleven months. We knew it would be tough and we prepared as much as one can. We had mapped the route, checked the elevation changes, read other cyclists’ accounts of the trip, double checked our weather apps, and set our alarm […]

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