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Day Trip to Riga, Latvia

What springs to mind when you think of Riga, Latvia? Unless you’ve been there, you’re probably right now imagining… nothing. That’s all we knew about Riga before we cycled into town in the summer of 2013. Riga is a vibrant small European capital, with a large proportion of the population under 30 (34%, according to […]

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Rough Road To Eesti

4422 km so far. The wind doth blow again today, but at least the day began without any rain. We are at the coast of the Baltic, which seems to mean wind. We need to ride alongside it for at least another two days, regardless of the weather, so we packed camp and headed out. […]

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Lazy Day In Tuja

4359 km so far. Remember how yesterday Stephen said that cities are so exhausting that we need a rest in the country just to recover? Well, this morning when I woke up, after having slept 10 hours, I really didn’t feel like biking anywhere. Plus, it was damp and miserable outside, with no signs of […]

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A Break From The City

4359 km so far. We rode out of Rīga this morning and the wind was already howling around us. I was sad to go, as there is still much I wanted to see and do, but I know I will be back. Hopefully next time I will get to ride up to Kolka, spend a […]

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Eating Our Way Across Rīga

4280 km so far. Last night just before bed, we got an email from Daniel, who we met a few days ago. We had been planning to go with him to Positivus, but it turns out the friend he was staying with didn’t want any extra people on the land – or at least not […]

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Rīga Rundown

4280 km so far. We began our day in a leisurely fashion, since this is a day off. This meant coffee, internet, and laundry at ‘home’ (our amazing loaner apartment) before heading into the old city for the first time. We were tipped off to a free walking tour by Inga, one of the owners […]

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A Long And Wonderful Day

4280 km so far. We packed up camp this morning alongside JY, the three of us getting ready for the short trip into Rīga. This was Jean-Yves’ last day on the bike for this trip, and he was a little sad to be going home. He does a bike tour every year, and tells us […]

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Three Is Company Too

4247 km so far. As we were riding through yet another beautiful pine forest this morning we caught sight of a flash of red ahead. We both knew immediately what this meant. JY! Our new friend, Jean-Yves, was just ahead of us. Even though we had parted ways yesterday morning, we knew it was likely […]

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What A Difference A Day Makes

4170 km so far. Despite our best efforts to get out early(ish) again this morning, it just didn’t work. It was after 10 before we left the campground. I think we are physically adjusting to the late summer light here, so we are going to sleep a little later, and not worrying so much about […]

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Playing In The Sand

4083 km so far. This campsite, Piejūras Kemping, is quite incredible. It is right in the middle of Ventspils, and just a few meters from the beach. It has several modern cabins scattered through the pine forest that makes up much of the camp, a beach volleyball court (a popular sport in Latvija), an amphitheater […]

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