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Bike Touring Malaysia: Everything you Need to Know for an Amazing Adventure

If you’re thinking of bike touring Malaysia, we say, get ready for an adventure! From remote islands with sandy beaches, to captivating colonial towns, and high mountain passes, Malaysia never gets boring. Read on to find out if cycle touring Malaysia is right for you. What’s in our guide to bike touring Malaysia? 1. Food […]

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Fear Of Flying

Why am I so stressed? This is the question I wrestled with as we rode (as passengers in an air-conditioned van) towards the airport. Even though am not consciously worried about today, last night I had all kinds of flying nightmares. No, not the kind where you are falling through the air or involved in […]

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Vegetarian In Kuala Lumpur

14,937 km so far. One of our favourite things about Malaysia is how easy it’s been as vegetarians. With substantial populations of both Hindu vegetarians and Chinese Buddhists, who, unlike most Buddhists in China, actually follow Buddha’s teaching to “first, do no harm”, we’ve had no problem getting fed. Chalk one up for religion. On […]

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Yoga Every Damn Day

14,937 km so far. The title of this post refers to the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday “What is a hashtag?”, I hear many of you ask. Here is a brief description: a hashtag is a way for people to search for posts on a particular topic on social media sites. The pound sign (#) is added before […]

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Hurry Up And Wait

14,937 km so far. Our plane tickets to Jakarta are booked, though it took some doing. Before cyclists can book a plane ticket, they have to find out what the requirements are for packing the bike, how much it costs to fly with the bike, and how to get their bikes to the airport. All […]

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In The RAW

14,937 km so far. Since we are now in Kuala Lumpur we have been doing what we do every time we get to a city: chores. We had managed to get a load of laundry done already so didn’t have to worry about that today, but we are behind on the blog, editing photos, workshop […]

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Speeding Up To Slow Down

14,937 km so far. Since we were supposed to be spending today riding into Kuala Lumpur, I couldn’t help but thinking of it as a free day. It was a day in which nothing much had to happen, since we had bought ourselves the time along with our bus tickets yesterday. So, we took great […]

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Palm Oil Is The New Black

14,937 km so far. Sometimes you have to let go of your habits, your preconceptions, and your base desires, and take a look at the bigger picture. Palm oil has replaced trans fat and other fats in almost every kind of packaged food you can imagine. It might be healthier than hydrogenated vegetable oil (though […]

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Stuck In Low Gear

14,857 km so far. After our rookie mistake of last night, with disastrous consequences, it was with great glee that we said goodbye to Jerantut. A Road Too Far? Today’s route was a mostly uneventful and quick ride along a mid-size highway. There were the usual bumpy pavements, the usual spewing trucks, and more than […]

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Dark Was The Morning

14,772 km so far. Our alarm went off at 5am, about 25 minutes before the call to prayer began. What on earth would compel us, famously anti early morning risers, to do this? Reports on the internet told us there was one boat per day heading upriver from Kuala Tembeling to Taman Negara, a National […]

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