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The Summit Is Only Half Way

14,730 km so far. This morning as we were leaving the hotel, Stephen reminded me of the saying, “the summit is only half way”. Usually this is said as a warning to climbers trying to summit Everest: the way down could kill them just as easily as the way up. For cyclists, it’s simply a […]

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Gathering Moss

14,595 km so far. We had hoped to spend at least part of today trekking through the mountains we had pushed ourselves to climb yesterday. This is the Cameron Highlands after all, and we didn’t ride our bikes up a mountain to Tanah Rata because we’d heard the town was beautiful. (Spoiler alert: it’s not.) […]

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Montani Semper Liberi

14,595 km so far. I always experience low-level anxiety before we embark on a big hill climb. If the elevation profile is to be believed, today’s will be a killer. We’ve certainly done rides with greater elevation gain over the course of the day, but we think this is probably the longest consistent climb we’ve […]

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Multiculturalism At Work

14,506 km so far. We’ve read lots of bad things about the roads in Malaysia: crowded, bad paving, filled with crazy drivers, the usual. Today, we found our route along Highway 1 from Taiping to Ipoh to be none of the above. For the most part, it was smooth, quiet, and drivers gave us lots […]

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Heading Inland

14,415 km so far. It’s about time we see a part of Malaysia that isn’t an island, so we are headed inland. To get off Penang we cycled over to the ferry dock, and rode onto an old-school car and passenger ferry. Since most people also arrive on the island via this ferry, they only […]

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Travellers Don’t Know Where They’re Going

14,311 km so far. As you know, we don’t spend a lot of time checking things off a great Tourist To Do list. Tourists don’t know where they’ve been. Travellers don’t know where they’re going. Paul Theroux Just so. Still, since a city is more than its cafe and restaurant scene (according to guidebooks and […]

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Not So Fast

14,311 km so far. The Republic Of Indonesia requires we apply in advance for a visa if we want to stay for more than 30 days, and since the country is VERY long, and we are cycling, we are going to need more than one month to properly visit it. Our one goal today was […]

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Shameful Cyclists

14,302 km so far. Even though the view outside our room was gorgeous, and the inside of our room was a little grungy, we spent almost the entire morning working in bed. Shame on us. However, what with planning yoga workshops, writing a daily blog, and trying to plan the very complicated remainder of our […]

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Monkeys In The Jungle

14,278 km so far. Riding out of Alor Setar this morning, we couldn’t miss the fact that we are in a new country. The Malaysia we’ve seen so far is tidier, more modern, and more Western than Thailand by a long shot. All of the signs are written in the Latin alphabet, and many are […]

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