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Unforgettable Days Cycling Europe, Part 1

Before we get started… Happy Birthday biggest big brother! We’re thinking about you today. Here’s wishing you all the best for the year to come. Today was a pretty insignificant day. We boxed some stuff for mailing, shopped for a few packing supplies, and walked around the neighbourhood. It got me to thinking how the […]

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Hungary vs Poland: Which is the Best Destination for Your Adventure?

Here it comes. The Hungary vs Poland International Smackdown. I don’t know about Europeans, but I would hazard a guess that most North Americans think of Poland or Hungary (if they think of them at all) as nothing more distinct than biggish countries somewhere east of Germany. Stephen and I had very little idea of […]

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Into Lithuania

3581 km so far. Another day, another country. Ho hum. Actually, it’s very exciting every time we get ready to cross the border, even if it’s just another unmanned EU crossing. We never know quite what to expect on the other side, and if we have expectations, they are invariably wrong. I am expecting Lithuania […]

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Today Is Your Independence Day

3525 km so far. We broke camp at Rybaczowa reluctantly. It is really an idyllic spot, and we had half-joked about the possibility of me finding work on the charter boats for the rest of the summer and meeting Jane in Berlin in September. Partly this was because the idea is so tempting and the […]

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A Campsite Appears

3458 km so far. After our wild opera concert last night, followed by the wrath of mother nature, sleep came surprisingly easy. This morning we were awoken by the sun beating down on our tent. Though we thought perhaps no one would care if we just rode away from the campsite without paying, our sense […]

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Summer Camp

3408 km so far. After riding 500 km from Kraków in a little more than one week, we are in the Mazurian Lake District, and taking a day off. Our plan has been to get here, relax, slow down, and enjoy the nature. So today, we hung out at camp. The Slow Wonder A tourist […]

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With Glowing Hearts

3408 km so far. Just a quick note before we get started with our journal for today. We have been in and out of WiFi country for a few days now, and will likely have limited access for the next few days. Rest assured, we are still writing every day, and we’ll post a bumper […]

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Holy Trinity

3355 km so far. We started the day in the perfect way. Coffee with Jerzy, sitting on the patio of his bar, talking about life. We found about life in Zambrów and the history of the area. Being so close to the Russian border, the area was a frontline in WW2. Half the town’s population […]

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A Day In The Life

3296 km so far. 7am Wake up after the best sleep I’ve had since leaving Krakow several days ago. Actually feel refreshed and ready to cycle 100 km. Shower, breakfast, tea, pack, carry bags down several flights of stairs. 8am Realise we are about to bike 100 km. Take moment to psyche myself up. 8–10am […]

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Headlights In The Rain

3193 km so far. Today’s weather was another one of those days you love as a cyclist, but would loathe as a ‘normal’ tourist. It was overcast, unseasonably cool, and light rain fell for half the day, on and off as it pleased. This meant I didn’t have to change clothes once, and when the […]

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