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Winds Of Change

5490 km so far. When you make plans, set goals, and have dreams, sometimes you have to accept that things aren’t going to turn out how you hoped. You need to be open to making changes to your plans, to shifting your goals, or to altering your dreams. Two days ago, one of my favourite […]

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Wish I Was Home And Dry

5450 km so far. This morning I woke up more tired than when we went to bed. Around 12:30am, a car had driven up the bike path near our tent and several men got out. They walked up and down, talking and shouting to each other. There was a lot of banging. One guy had […]

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Beautiful Ride

5391 km so far. Today began beautifully. Rolling fields of wheat, punctuated with rocky islands covered in pine trees. Winding country roads past farm houses, the sun shining, and a sign for the shortest named town in the world. Almost immediately Dan Bern’s song Beautiful Ride (from the movie Walk Hard) popped into Jane’s head, […]

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Playing The Cards We’re Dealt

5296 km so far. Today, we were dealt a relatively poor hand, but we did the best we could with what we were given. We spent a lovely morning on the dock where we camped, getting clean and getting fooled by the hot, sunny weather. Two Things You Should Know About Riding In This Part […]

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The Joys Of Repetition

5154 km so far. I get bored easily. I often find myself, when forced to repeat an experience, thinking “Not this again! Can’t we do something different?” I also know that repetition can lead to brand new experiences. Think about it. If you only pedal your bike once, sure, you’ll go somewhere, but it won’t […]

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It’s A Gathering

5154 km so far. I love spending time with people. New people, old friends, people who I have things in common with, and people who I don’t. Every interaction is an opportunity to grow, to learn, to discover. This, in part, is what our current journey is about. What Was That Bang? I was awoken […]

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Small Change, All Change

5128 km so far. Today we rode 90 km of fairly easy terrain, so I had lots of time to let my mind wander. I started wondering how some friends and family are coping with the major changes taking place in their lives. My friends Scott and Julie have had a new baby, moved to […]

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Roam If You Want To

5033 km so far. When we started this trip in Rome more than four months ago, we had big plans for free camping. We wanted to pay for as little accommodation as was reasonable all the way to Russia. Part of what we wanted from this journey was to be adventurous, to save some money, […]

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