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thailand vs cambodia

Thailand vs Cambodia: Which is the Best Destination for Your Adventure?

Thailand vs Cambodia – it’s a tough decision! These are two very different countries, but they both deliver incredible experiences to travellers. Keep reading to discover which country is perfect for your next adventure. What’s in our Guide to Choosing Between Thailand and Cambodia? 1. Travel Experiences 2. Transportation 3. Food 5. Accommodation 6. Dangers […]

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thailand or vietnam

Thailand or Vietnam: Which is the Best Destination for Your Adventure?

Trying to decide between visiting Thailand or Vietnam? These are two very different countries which both deliver incredible experiences to travellers. Keep reading to discover which of these amazing countries is right for your adventure. You’re gonna love these posts, too: Grab our complete adventure guide to Vietnam → Here’s help choosing between Vietnam & […]

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world elephant day

World Elephant Day: 7 Ways to Help Elephants When You Travel

If it were up to us, every day would be World Elephant Day! To celebrate the world’s most amazing animals, we’re sharing the best ways to help elephants when you travel. As you know, I love all the animals! But when asked to pick a favourite, it’s elephants every time. And I’m not alone. Do […]

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Last Day In Thailand

14,129 km so far. As far as train rides go, last night’s fell somewhere between the best and the worst. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Shanghai to Hong Kong, but it didn’t come close to the smooth ride and comfort of the bullet trains we took in China. Rumbling Through The Night There’s […]

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Rocking The Rails

14,074 km so far. Oh how I love OPP. Yeah, you know me. Staying at our temporary home in Bangkok has been such a special treat, and one of the benefits has been OPP. Yup, I am talking about Other People’s Pools. The ability to jump into a clean, cooling pool whenever we want is […]

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One Day In Bangkok

14,067 km so far. This is a difficult city to navigate. That is what I have determined after a day of running around and not getting much of anything accomplished. Where Does The Time Go? Jane and I attempted to do a few touristy things today, but we are finding Bangkok a little confusing. I […]

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Bangkok Sticker Shock

14,067 km so far. It was amazing to wake up in a home this morning. It was hard to leave our comfy, clean bed, but we had the lure of Bangkok awaiting us. Alas, we decided to be practical and take care of business today, instead of going out and having fun. Learning Bangkok The […]

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Night One In Bangkok

14,067 km so far. On the map, I’d spotted a road that looked like it would take us along the Gulf for most of our ride into Bangkok today, avoiding the busier, more direct freeway routes into the city. I was confident it would provide us with beautiful views of the sea for most of […]

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13,992 km so far. Today was one of those days I think of as workhorse days. The equivalent in “normal” travel is spending the day on a stinky bus, or waiting at the airport for your flight. For cycle tourists, the workhorse day, at least in Thailand, involves a four-lane highway with big rumbling trucks […]

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Two Households, Both Alike

13,885 km so far. Thailand has just appointed its 22nd Prime Minister in 25 years. Yet another interim leader is in place, hoping to keep the country together while they prepare for new elections, possibly in July. The yellow shirts were on the streets of Bangkok today and the red shirts take to the streets […]

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