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best vegan restaurants in ho chi minh city

Saigon Vegan Eats & Treats – Best Plant-Based Food in Ho Chi Minh City

Looking for the most delicious Saigon vegan food? There are so many vegan options in Ho Chi Minh City — but it can be hard to find them when you’re new to town. This guide will help you uncover hidden vegan delights including street food, traditional Vietnamese food, and Western options. When we first came […]

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two female tour guides in Vietnam

Tipping in Vietnam – Who to Tip and How Much to Give

Tipping in Vietnam is by no means mandatory or even, at times, expected. However, you’ll find absolutely outstanding service in Vietnam and tipping is a nice way to say “thanks”. Here’s your guide for how and how much to tip in Vietnam. Tipping is still a relatively new concept in Vietnam’s growing economy. However, in […]

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vaccines for vietnam

Vaccines for Vietnam – Which Do You Need for Safe Travel?

Do you need vaccines for Vietnam travel? Yes, there are a few you should definitely have and few more to consider to avoid unexpected health calamities. Read on to find out which vaccines you need. We have travelled in Vietnam for nearly a year in total and have loved (almost) every minute of it. We’ve […]

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main blog image for where to stay in ho chi minh city

Where to Stay in Ho Chi Minh City – Best Saigon Hotels for All Budgets

Figuring out where to stay in Ho Chi Minh City is not an easy task! There are so many great hotels and hostels from which to choose. Our guide will help you cut through the noise and find great Saigon accommodation in no time. If you don’t want to spend the next three hours scouring […]

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visit vietnam travel advice

Vietnam Travel Advice – Our Best Tips for an Amazing Trip

Vietnam is one of our favourite countries and we’ve travelled it from top to bottom. This post covers all the Vietnam travel advice we’ve learned through our extensive personal experiences in the country. We’ve had so many adventures in Vietnam, it’s hard to keep track of them all. On our first Vietnam trip, we cycled […]

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winter in vietnam

Spending winter in Vietnam? Here’s where to go & what to pack.

Are you planning a winter trip to Vietnam? We pick our 5 best places to spend Christmas, plus we share our perfect winter in Vietnam packing list and lots of details about the weather! What’s in our Guide to Winter in Vietnam? 1. Top 5 Places to Spend Christmas in Vietnam 2. What Should You […]

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how to get visa to vietnam

How to Get a Visa to Vietnam – Your Quick and Easy Guide

So you want to know how to get a visa to Vietnam? That must mean you’re planning a trip there, which is awesome news! We’ve been to Vietnam a half-dozen times and LOVE it! Read on for help getting the right Vietnam visa. What’s in our guide to getting a Vietnam visa? 1. Which Visa […]

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solo travel in vietnam

Is Solo Travel in Vietnam Right for You? Find Out Now!

If you’re wondering about solo travel in Vietnam, I have great news for you. Travelling alone in Vietnam is safe, fun, and hugely rewarding. In fact, Vietnam is my favourite country for solo travel! Read on to find out why. What’s in our guide to solo travel in Vietnam? 1. Is solo travel in Vietnam […]

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thailand or vietnam

Thailand or Vietnam? Which is Best for Your Next Adventure?

Trying to decide between visiting Thailand or Vietnam? These are two very different countries that both deliver incredible travel experiences. Read on to choose the adventure that’s right for you. What’s in our guide to Thailand vs Vietnam? 1. Best Travel Experiences in Thailand & Vietnam 2. Transportation 3. Thai Food vs Vietnamese Cuisine 4. […]

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vegan in vietnam

Vegan in Vietnam: 15 Tips for Finding Animal-Friendly Food

Great news for vegan travellers – it is possible to stay vegan in Vietnam. The bad news is that finding vegan food in Vietnam is not always easy. This guide will help you find delicious food that you can be sure is meat-free and animal-friendly. If you ask most Vietnamese people, they won’t believe that […]

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